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By Dr. Richard Ing

On Wednesday night (May 24), I watched an Oprah Winfrey special featuring Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient who wrote 47 books.  His most famous book, Night, detailed his experiences in the Nazi Auschwitz death camp.  He was a teenager at the time and somehow managed to survive incredible danger, sufferings and death.

Oprah and Elie Wiesel walked the now-bleak and empty death camp in the snow a few months ago.  Flashbacks, using World War II films of Auschwitz, highlighted the fact that millions of Jews lost their lives there.  The place is huge - covering hundreds of acres.  Barbed wire fences still surround the environs and guard shacks still overlook the now-empty buildings and work areas.  The crematoriums were destroyed by the Nazis just before the Allied Troops liberated the death camp, but the barracks that held over 800 prisoners each still remind visitors of the cruel and inhumane treatment of the Jews.  Many died from starvation, flu and dysentery that spread like wildfire in the packed quarters.  Those who were very sick were often thrown into the ovens still alive.  Only those who had enough strength to work were spared.

Newcomers to Auschwitz were separated - men to one side and women to the other.  They never saw each other again.  Everyone was shaved bald and the hair packed into bags and sold for commercial uses.  Gold teeth were extracted from corpses and even the living and sold to the public.  They were stripped naked and shoved into an area that looked like a shower room, so that they could be rid of body lice.  It was a lie.  Soon, the doors clanged shut and the people realized that they were tricked. They rushed to the door and banged on it, desperately begging to be released.  But soon, canisters of deadly cyanide gas fell from holes in the ceiling and began releasing their deadly vapors.  When the door was finally opened, bodies were invariably stacked in pyramids reaching towards the ceiling, as the victims frantically clawed their way upward in a futile attempt to escape the fumes.  It often took 15 minutes of agonizing struggle for air before one died.

Bodies were stacked six feet high unto flat-bed trucks and taken to the crematoriums.  After a while, the crematoriums were too slow.  There were so many bodies that mass graves were dug and thousands of corpses thrown unceremoniously into pits.  Eight thousand were murdered each day.

As Oprah and Elie walked around the buildings, grim reminders of death were everywhere.  Brightly colored, fresh flowers sharply contrasted against a gray wall.  The wall was pocked with bullet holes that memorialized the thousands of individuals executed by firing squads.  “At least they knew they were going to die,” said Wiesel.  They soon found themselves in a hospital compound where hideous medical experiments killed many prisoners.  Nazi doctors would cut off the limbs of one person and transplant them to another and vice versa.  Many died of experimental drugs injected into their veins.  Thousands of babies and young people died when chemicals were injected directly into their heart.  They were treated like animals, but the real beasts were the Nazis.

Another room featured thousands of pairs of shoes taken from prisoners, and mountains of clothes and human hair.  One room contained all kinds of luggage - suitcases, briefcases, cloth bags.  Death was everywhere.  Women were raped regularly and the Nazi soldiers killed at random without need for a reason.  Babies were bayoneted for fun.  Soldiers would line up the prisoners front to back to see how many people they could kill with one bullet.  The record was eleven.  Killing was a game to them.

Elie Wiesel did not like to come to Auschwitz.  The pain and scars were still fresh in his mind although he is in his eighties.  He didn’t dare cry because once he started, he couldn’t stop.  There was no one around, but he sensed the thousands upon thousands of souls and voices crying out from the ground.  Wiesel came just for Oprah because she was endorsing his book, Night, that told his personal story of suffering and miraculous survival and the one thing that occupied his mind constantly - why me?  Out of millions of Jews, why was he spared?  How come the world did not know what was going on?  When they found out, how come they didn’t do anything about it until just before the end of the war?  How can humans become inhuman so quickly?  After all, the Nazis had families of their own and were highly cultured and intelligent.  Wiesel claimed that there were many better writers than he, so why did God choose to spare him?  He had already written 47 books about the holocaust, but felt that he had only started to tell the story of Auschwitz.  He had no answers.  “The world must be reminded of what happened here,” he said, “otherwise, we will forget the lessons of Auschwitz. That’s my destiny in life.”

But, the world has already forgotten.


The very next night, I had insomnia.  At 2 a.m., I clicked on my walkman to a talk show.  It featured two guest speakers:  Paul Williams and Bob Larson.  Paul Williams is an award-winning journalist noted for his dedication to accuracy and truth.  He spoke about how he knew that Osama Bin Laden had purchased nuclear warheads from the then-dissolving Soviet Union, back in the mid-1990’s, and how his reliable sources (quoting highly-respected and trustworthy fellow journalists) know that Al Quida has smuggled nuclear weapons into the United States and plans to “nuke” between seven to ten U.S. cities simultaneously.  They are just waiting for the right moment.  Williams and his colleagues informed the CIA several times, but were ignored. They also informed major news agencies such as the Associated Press and United Press but their stories were never published.

Williams claims that many people know that Osama Bin Laden is hiding in certain villages along the Pakistani border.  Bounty hunters know where he is.  Many have tried to get into the area and no one has come back alive.  The villages closely guard their borders and kill any stranger on sight.

He expects a total destruction of America’s infrastructure and ability to resist within one day’s time when all seven or ten cities will be destroyed by nuclear attack.  He claims that the war on terrorism has already been lost.


Bob Larson is the famous television deliverance minister.  He was asked many questions about exorcisms and amazingly, almost everything he said lines up with what we also believe.  The program played many tapes of deliverance with the devils speaking and cussing.  But, the one comment by Larson that caught my attention was, “We’re in a war!  And it‘s getting more intense day by day!”  He contends that demonic possessions and activities are increasing exponentially.


I believe that God is reminding us that we are in a war that will culminate in Christians being persecuted and murdered by the hundreds of millions.  Auschwitz will be like an ant compared to the elephant on its way.  Satan’s beast is going to war against the saints and overcome them before the end of the world.  Rev. 13:7-8; Da. 7:21, 25.  America is going down!  Rev. 18:4-19.  But it will be only the tip of the iceberg.  Satan is after world domination, the annihilation of all of God’s people and the destruction of all churches (abomination of desolation).

We’re in a different kind of war today, but the enemy is the same.  He’s been behind every war there ever was.  The Jewish holocaust was only a dry-run, a dress rehearsal.  This time around, he is out to destroy all Christians and rule the world.  The whole world will become an Auschwitz.  Satan is silently preparing his trap, step by cunning step.   His nefarious plans are almost ready to be sprung. 

The other day, I purchased a Consumer’s Digest magazine.  It featured an article about RFID’s - tiny computer chips that are undetectable when placed in a belt, an earring, a label, a wallet, a card.  Using scanners from as far away as 380 feet, they can identify the owner, trace his whereabouts, determine his buying habits, how often he uses the item, etc.  The RFID user will also have access to other international data banks and be able to exchange data and so forth.  Already, billions have been put into use and consumers are unaware.  They are being placed in shirts, trousers, blouses, underwear and every conceivable product.  Satan controls the mass media and anything that hints at what he is doing is squashed, kept under wraps or twisted. 

Although Hitachi corporation announced over three years ago that they have invented a computer chip as small as a dot on this page, the mass media has been showing photographs of a chip as large as a grain of rice in a cylinder as large as a 1-inch pencil.  So who would voluntarily allow such a huge thing to be planted on his forehead or right hand?  So big deal!   In truth, it is already possible to plant a chip under your skin so tiny that it would be virtually undetectable by sight or touch.  The RFID is one step closer to the number of the beast.  (Hitachi Corporation recently announced a chip so tiny that it is only one-half the width of a human hair and can be injected under the skin with a hypodermic needle.)


In Jeremiah’s day, the Southern Kingdom of Judah was prospering.  There was a huge revival going on.  King Josiah had destroyed all the groves and temples to Baal and Ashtorah.  2 Ki. 23.  The temples were filled and rich, but God was against the revival.  The prophets and priests were covetous.  Jer. 6:13.  They didn’t want God!  All the people wanted was a good life.  The prophets and priests were preaching peace and prosperity, but there was war on the horizon and the people were not being warned.  The prophets and priests were telling them that God wanted to prosper them and give them peace.  Jer. 4:10; Jer. 6:14.  (One definition of “peace” is “prosperity.”)

God raised up Jeremiah to sound the trumpet and warn the people to turn from the error of their ways.  Instead of worshipping God and obeying Him, the people were after the good life.  “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”  Jer. 5:31.  In other words, the prophets told the people that God wanted to bless and prosper them, and the priests did their own thing.  They changed things around in order to attract more members, using entertainment, promises of blessings, a good life and prosperity.  The people loved it and came by droves.  No one preached repentance, humility and obedience.

When Jeremiah warned them about coming war, they ridiculed him.  Everyone wanted to kill him.  Jer. 26:8, 11.  They wanted nothing to do with gloom and doom prophecies.  But within a few months, the Babylonians came and completely destroyed Jerusalem and God’s temples.  The king’s sons and nobles were killed before his very eyes and then his own eyes were blinded so that the last thing he would see was his sons being killed.  Jer. 39:6-7.  The people were taken into captivity. 

It’s happening again today!  


We are more than a church or missionary organization.  Our mission is not to merely teach deliverance, healing, revival, house churches and so forth.  We have been called by God to be His army for the end times and to proclaim war!  According to the Bible, America is destined to be destroyed in one hour in one day.  Rev. 18:1-19.  Millions upon millions of Christians will renounce Jesus, take the mark of the beast, and lose their salvation.  Rev. 13:16-18; Rev. 14:9-11; 2 Th. 2:3.  Many will also be martyred.  Rev. 6:9-11; Rev. 11:3-12.  Out of millions, a small group of faithful saints will emerge as God’s true church and out of the true church will come God’s army.  Rev. 12:1-17; Joel 2:1-11, Is. 13. 

Our purpose in the Philippines is not just to have many churches, but to spark a revival, and prepare the church for war by teaching deliverance, spiritual warfare, house churches and army of God.  In Gideon’s day, God picked just 300 men to defeat the entire Midianite and Amalekite armies who “were like grasshoppers for multitude; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the sea side for multitude.“  Jdg. 7:12.  God will always use the weak, the humble, the few, in order to accomplish His plans.  All the glory belongs to God!   He is about to do it again.  Are you listening?

The question is not just a rhetorical one.  It is real and aimed directly at you.  Are you prepared?  Are you planning to make it through?  Are you focused?  What will you do in that day?.

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