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By Dr. Richard Ing
Decemberr 16, 2009

Adam and Eve wanted to be gods.  They wanted total control of their own lives and destinies and independence from God. Therefore, they rebelled against God and lost their spirit light.  They saw their nakedness for the first time.  They must have thought, “Wow!  This flesh must be the true form of God!”  In the end, they died but the belief that they were gods persisted and was passed down the generations.  Until this very day, the descendants of Adam and Eve think that they are gods.  They may not consciously think it, but it controls all of their thoughts and deeds.  It is the ultimate deception.


From the moment of birth, all of Adam’s descendants think and act as if they are gods.  They may not claim or say it but something deep inside, perhaps part of their DNA, spiritual or physical, causes them to act as gods and seek attention and adoration, if not outright worship.  Emperors and kings often proclaim that they are gods.  

Finding out that you are not a god and that the world does not revolve around you is a great revelation.  That revelation often happens when we become born-again Christians.  From that time on, the challenge for every serious Christian should be centered on how to rid oneself of all traits of self-worship or selfishness.  That is one of the reasons why we are to acknowledge God Almighty as our sole source of all goodness, power and authority.  We are to return to the position of Adam and Eve before they rebelled – totally dependent on God, humble, submissive and obedient to the Lord.  Our “godliness” is from the Lord Jesus Christ, not from our inherent nature and false belief that we are gods.

We outline a few of the traits that must be reversed as we grow up in the Spirit.


Gods are never wrong.  They are always right and never lose.  They always win.  With that in mind, we can see why there are murders and wars and all manner of criminal activity around the world.  Since there are countless other gods running around at any given moment, there is an ever-present conflict among the gods.  After all, there can be only one winner and every time one god is right, another god is wrong.  This translates to anger, arguments, disputes, conflicts, wars, murders, domination, control, revenge, violence and unhappiness.  The battle to be right goes on and one as each god tries to prove that he is the only god around.

The need to be right, and to be admired, worshipped and submitted to are present in every possible scenario – in our marriages, work places, and in every relationship.  It is present on highways and byways and in any situation involving humans.  It is simply the self demanding to be right and to win at all cost.  Gods rarely share their throne.

Marriages and relationships are unhappy because of this god requirement.  Endless marital disputes and divisions are founded on the need to be right and to win.  It is as if marriage is a prize fight with two combatants intent on winning every round.  In truth, there is no real winner and both sides lose.  The ultimate “right” in marriage is divorce.    

The need to be right and to win at all cost are the underlying causes of just about every war and conflict between nations, tribes and races.  No one wants to be wrong.  Terrorists commit heinous acts of violence and murder to be right.  God and religion is blamed for it.  Truth be told, it is the evil heart of men trying to be gods.  If there was no religion, there would still be wars and countless murders.  Think of Communist Russian and China that murdered hundreds of millions of their own citizens.  They far outnumber all the deaths caused by all the world wars and conflicts in the world in the twentieth century – yet, Communism does not belief in a god or religion.

Gods never give up being gods.  Somehow, they will win in the end, so they think.  There are many ways to win and be right:  slam the door, swear, yell and angry, punch or slap the other person, “don’t touch me!”, “Sleep on the couch!”, burn rubber, get drunk, come home late or not at all, refuse to cook, withhold sex, silent treatment, rip his favorite shirts in the closet, smash her car, ad nausea.  Couples get divorced and think that they won the war, but the battles go on.  Husband refuses to pay child support or quits work; he doesn’t pick up the kids on time and brings them back late; wife disappears with the kids on his visitation days, constantly berates her ex-husband in front of the children, and on and on.  The war never ends until one or both are dead.

No one cares about creating a happy marriage.   To them, happiness is being right and winning every argument.  Self would rather be right than happy.

Affect on communication.

The need to be right has a devastating effect on communication.  For instance, in a marriage a dominant husband may win all of the arguments in the family because of his attitude and superior physical size and strength.  Conversely, his wife seemingly loses every argument.  But wait, she may lose a few rounds, but the war is not over yet.  She finds ways to be right.  She will secretly get revenge some other way.

Think of it – if one person insists on being right all the time, the other spouse has two alternatives:  (1) shut up so that she avoids being wrong; and (2) lie.  Suppose a husband hates the best friend of his wife and forbids her to talk or see her best friend.  Best friend calls and they go out to lunch together.  Husband comes home and asks his wife: “How was your day, anything interesting happen?”  Wife answers, “No.”  She then shuts up.  No communication.  It is too dangerous to tell the truth.  After a while, communication shuts down.  Result – an unhappy marriage.  When being right is more important than being happy, the marriage is in peril.  Of course, some people will swallow their pride and keep the marriage because of the kids or because they have no alternative.  But the quality of the marriage is far below what it could be.

Losing love.

Every time you have to be right when you don’t have to, you lose a little love.  Every time you make the other person right, you gain a little love.  How do you get someone to love you?  Make him or her right as often as you can.   Sometimes it is called courting. That’s the secret to love and good relationships.  Your best friend is the one that make you right most of the time.  Your enemies are the ones that make you wrong.  

God is love.  The Lord Jesus was the only “righteous” or right person on earth.  He died on the cross to make us right.  The cross is an expression of his love for the world.  We love Him because He first loved us.

Want to make friends and have good relationships?  Learn to make others right.  Tell them how great they are instead of trying to show them how great you are.  There are two basic kinds of people.  Meet and talk to one kind and they will tell you how great they are for hours and at the same time, never even ask you about yourself.   Meet and talk to the second kind and you will walk away knowing how great you are.  I’m not saying that you should lie and butter-up people.  Just acknowledge them as someone worthwhile knowing.


Gods make laws but they don’t have to keep them.  After all, they are gods.  Humans think they are gods and therefore, feel free to break their agreements with impunity.  Yet, the entire universe is created by and sustained through agreement.  This article is created by agreement.  If you did not agree on the meaning of every word in this article, we could not communicate.  Every language is created through agreement.  Agreement brings power.   The people of Babel had one language and the power to do anything they set out to do.  So, God confounded their language and gave them many languages and they lost their power.  

The power of the godhead is agreement.  The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one in heaven.  On earth, the Spirit, the water and the blood agree as one.  There is power in the Word of God (washing of water by the Word) and in the blood of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit agrees with the Word and the blood and comes wherever there is faith in the Word and the blood.  1 Jn. 5:7-8.  Power shows up.

Everything in the room you are in was created through agreement.  An Eskimo straight from the wilderness would not recognize most of the things in the room.  Their perception would be entirely different from yours.  The clothes you wear, the way you talk, your eyeglasses, shoes, hairdo, etc. were created by agreement.  If others did not agree that it was fashionable and acceptable, you wouldn’t be wearing them.  Morals, customs, traditions, even beauty is by agreement.  The “chubby” women in medieval paintings were raving beauties of their day.  Our agreement regarding beauty is far different.  Japanese see pigeon-toed women as attractive; Chinese desire small feet; Polynesian women had to be huge to be beautiful.  In certain tribes, women had to have long necks, or discs in their lips, or tattoos on their face, in order to be accepted in society.  Beauty is by agreement, so with countless things in our lives, including morality.

Governments, cultures and groups of people live harmoniously through agreements.  Even if there are only two individuals living together, they need to have agreements.  Other words for agreement are:  contracts, covenants, laws, rules, regulations, promises and statutes.  Our civilizations run on laws.  We all impliedly agree to keep the laws of the community we live in.  We agree that the person with the most votes will be elected to represent us in various law-producing bodies such as the city council or legislature.  We agree that they will pass laws through agreements among themselves and that we will obey them.

Marriage is an agreement = a legally and morally binding contract.  There are many agreements, both implied and expressed.  We break them all the time and often because we don’t even realize the existence of many agreements in marriage.

Your workplace is full of agreements.  There is an unwritten code of behavior between you and your boss and fellow employees.  Many are not said but are there nevertheless.  

Every game or sport is created by agreement.  We have rules in golf, basketball, football, baseball, soccer – you name it.  Break a rule and it is often called a foul.  There is a penalty that comes every time you break a rule.  Break a certain number and you are kicked out of the game.  Commit a flagrant foul and you’re out of the game, even though it was the first one.  In marriage, if you commit a flagrant foul such as committing adultery, you may be out of the game the first time you do it, unless it is waived.  Some marriages limp around with both spouses committing numerous minor fouls that irritate the other.  If enough “minor” fouls are committed by one spouse or both, the game may be over.  It’s called divorce.

Get on any freeway and you will see many gods driving above the speed limit and breaking traffic laws.  Get caught often enough and the game may be over – you lose your license.  Gods love to play games because they love to win.  Many play cops and robbers.  They buy radar devices to detect when a policeman is using a radar speed gun to track them.  They dash in and out in traffic, always checking first if there are traffic cops around.  Breaking the law and getting away with it is their game.

Want a better life?  Learn to keep all of your agreements, including those in marriage, in relationships, at work, on the freeway, in church.

Keeping your agreements with God is called obedience.  Obedience to God is a clash between your selfish “god-nature” and the true God of the universe.  Disobedience is called sin, or trespass, or iniquity.  That’s the important question in your walk with God – who is the real god of your life, your Self that thinks it is God or the true God of the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ?  Again, break your agreements with God and there are penalties.  Keep them and there are rewards.  Realizing that you are not a god is called humility.

God never breaks His agreements.  Solemn agreements are called covenants.  He keeps every one of His covenants.  His covenants are also called promises and prophecies.  That is why we trust Him and have faith in Him.  Keep all of your promises and agreements and people will start to trust and have faith in you too.  Keep your promises with God and you begin to enter into His divine presence and fellowship with Him.

Take responsibility.

We may not be gods, but nevertheless very powerful.  Adam was a very powerful person and highly intelligent.  He named all the plants and animals in the garden of Eden and kept and dressed it.  God made him responsible for his wife, Eve, and for the garden.  He had position and authority.  There are three parts to man: flesh, soul and spirit.  All three have some degree of power.  The least powerful is the flesh.  It can accomplish incredible feats of strength and coordination.  People train their bodies to do wonderful things – ice skaters, weight lifters, track runners, acrobats, mountain climbers, skiers, athletes in every sport.  But the flesh is weak in other areas.

The soul of man is very powerful.  The brain can be trained to do incredible things too.  Some abilities are developed and some are inherited or given at birth.  There are people that have psychic abilities, or can multiply five numbers by five numbers and come up with the correct answer in seconds.  Some speak six or seven languages fluently.  There is power in the soul.  Witches know how to use the power of the soul to do certain things.  Some religions use the soul to tap into the dark realms of the spirit.  However, the soul is limited, as is the flesh.

The ultimate power lies in the spirit.  Man can use his spirit to tap into power from either the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light.  There is power to create and to destroy that is inherent in every human being.  We rarely realize or acknowledge that ability and authority.  We are not God and we cannot create and destroy the way God Almighty does.  Nevertheless, we create and destroy countless things and we lie about it.  If what we create is good in the eyes of others, we take credit for it; if it is bad, we deny responsibility for it.  After all, gods don’t make mistakes.

Truth be told, we created almost everything going on in our lives.  Other “gods” created or joined you in creating some of the stuff, but we are part of the cause in almost everything in our lives.  We create or destroy our relationships with family members.  We caused our marriages, our children, our jobs, our hobbies, our possessions and activities,  We created going to the church we attend.  Put another way, we created our church being in our life, or our spouse, children, friends, enemies, and so forth.  We are a cause or the cause of almost everything going on in our life.  We created living in the community we live in, our friends, our enemies.  We are a definite cause in who we are, what we do and what we have.

When things go wrong, we lie about it.  We go through life playing the victim.  We blame others for our faults and when things go wrong.  We refuse to take responsibility.  Instead of stimulus, we become response.  

If we are a victim of circumstances, people and the world, there is nothing we can do about it.   If we are merely responses to stimuli, then we have little control.  Truth be told, we are lying.  We are in some way responsible for what is going on with just about everything in life.  You may not be the total cause, but you are part of the cause.  Stop lying.  Take responsibility and move on.  Be clear that you are a creator and responsible for what you create or cause.  If you fail at something, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and move on.  You are very powerful.  You just don’t know it.  Go out and create what God told you to.

God is the most responsible person in the entire universe.  He is totally clear that He created the worlds and everything in it.  He took responsibility for it and died on the cross to bring us back to the garden of Eden and everything Adam and Eve lost when they sinned.  

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