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By Dr. Richard Ing

January 4, 2010


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Pr. 29:18.  Put another way, “Where the vision is not from God, the people perish,”  or, “Where the vision is wrong, the people perish.”  Jesus Christ warned that in the end of the world, there will be so much deception “… that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”  Mt. 24:24.  Imagine a huge group of people marching over a cliff in the dark.  After a while, everyone is gone.  But when you look closely, you find a few fingertips clinging to the edge.  That’s the elect of God. 


Very few churches have the vision that this church has and sometimes it seems that we are so totally outnumbered that perhaps we might be wrong.  It is good to re-examine our focus to see if we are off-course.  


The leadership of this church was involved for years in a deliverance ministry that believed in casting out of devils and warring against the demonic kingdom.  We have been rejected, castigated, criticized, ostracized and isolated by other churches and Christians from the very start.  I recall being kicked out of a pastors’ organization for believing that Christians can have demons and that Satan is a real and living entity.  We were denied radio air time when the Christian station found out that we believed in casting out devils.


Last night and this morning, God had me thinking about where we are in our walk with Him.  It led me to digging out a book that I had not read for many years.  It was entitled The Spirit of Knowledge and Revelation, written by Watchman Nee.  This is what he said:


            The kingdom is in direct opposition to Hades. The Lord Jesus declares that the kingdom is the casting out of devils – that is to say, that by the energy of the Spirit of God there is the casting out of demons.  This is an accurate explanation of the kingdom.  There is one basic lack to be found in today’s Bible commentaries, in that their authors usually forget about Hades.  The church in its position, work, thought, and speech has generally forgotten her enemy Satan.  Know we not that God has chosen the church to resist Satan and to bring in His kingdomn?  For let us take note that the very first time the New Testament mentions the church it also mentions Hades (see Matt.16).


He continues on:


Consequently, the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens is nothing less than to declare that God who rules in heaven today shall tomorrow rule the earth.by casting out completely the prince of today’s world with all his followers and evil spirits so that the new man (Christ and His church) shall reign instead.


The gospel of the kingdom of the heavens is thus directed against the powers of darkness.  So that when the Lord Jesus first proclaimed this gospel, all His works dealt with the powers of darkness: “To this end was the Son of God manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3.8)


Whoever dares to testify that “Christ alone is King; Satan is not” is really preaching the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens.


Watchman Nee concludes:


Today’s need is for Christians who know the time. God is looking for a people who sympathize with Him and work with Him in concluding this age and ushering in the next.  If Christians view as their greatest responsibility on earth the saving of people for their souls, then they have failed to accomplish the highest will of God.  They ought to realize that they have a responsibility even greater than the saving of souls: that they are to bring this age to an end and bring in the kingdom of God.  Their highest responsibility is to witness the destruction of God’s archenemy Satan and all his powers of darkness.  They ought to view this as the chief objective of all their works.


We are in total agreement with Watchman Nee and right or wrong, that is the vision of this church.  The final outcome will be decided in the days to come as we approach the end of the world.  As for this church, we will fight on and prepare ourselves for the final battles ahead.


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