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By Dr. Richard Ing
September 1, 2009

The final battles are coming up.  Satan has been setting his traps.  One world government is making its last preparations for global governance and one world religion is moving forward.  Many books and TV documentaries are being written to show us spectacular scenes of incredible destruction as the world come to an end.  A giant meteor strikes the earth and causes major upheavals of the earth’s crust.  Entire city blocks rise hundreds of feet into the air and skyscrapers become dominoes that come crashing down.  Monster tsunamis five hundred feet high thunder inland for fifty miles, killing untold hundreds of millions of hapless people.  Fiery meteorites rain down from the sky, gas mains explode and service stations hurl burning gasoline high into the air.  Screams of terror and pain fill the air and men and women run around desperately searching for shelter.  Volcanoes erupt and hurl magma thousands of feet into the air.  The dust and smoke blot out the sun and moon.  Deadly sulfur and other gases fill the air.  People drop dead in their tracks.  

Don’t be deceived.  Take your eyes off December 21, 2012 and away from what you can see and hear.  Do not focus on what is going to take place in the physical realm.  The real battle is in the spirit.  

The real war will be between Satan’s kingdom of darkness and God’s people.  Hordes of demons have already infiltrated the church and just about every area of life.  Satan is the present ruler of this world and he has many followers, most of which don’t even know that they are being used by the devil.  From the top to the bottom, Satan has taken over the hearts and minds of our political leaders and many church leaders.  His influence is incredibly broad.  He has his people in politics, the military, police department, law, medicine, science, education, entertainment, mass media – you name it.  They are being controlled by the kingdom of darkness.  One day soon, they will turn against the church and kill all Christians.

But God has been training us for decades, preparing us for the final battles ahead.  We have been trained in deliverance, healing the sick, raising the dead and performing miracles.  Our faith has been built up as we obey the Lord and serve on the mission field and in many other areas such as evangelism.  He has tested our loyalty, diligence, submission, obedience, humility and dependence on God.  Our daily praying and reading of the Bible has given us insight and discernment of spirits.  We have spent countless hours training on Tuesday nights, fighting in prayer on Thursday nights and fasting and praying together every other Friday night.  It reminds me of the training one has to do in order to prepare for a world championship fight for the heavy weight crown in boxing.  Countless hours running miles each morning, hitting punching bags, skipping rope and sparring against real opponents are part of the training.  

Now, the training is almost over and we are primed for battle.  The championship fight will take place in a few years.  God will put the finishing touches on His army.  

Satan has already been attacking us and trying his best to smash our church.  Our numbers are small but mighty in God through Jesus Christ.  We have seen countless miracles of healing and deliverance, especially during our visits to foreign countries and even to the mainland USA.  

Imagine a twelve-round bout. Satan will win the first eleven.  He will also appear to win the first two minutes of the last round.  But something amazing is going to happen.  Just as it appears that he has us on the ropes for the final knockout, the army of God will throw one punch that will cut through his defenses and land squarely on his chin.  He will drop like a bag of potatoes and be counted out for all eternity.

We’ve been training to take a beating for eleven and two-third rounds but we have also been training to deliver one last punch to Satan’s jaw.  Perhaps we are already in round four and we have been taking a beating.  Our ranks are being depleted and our finances are scant, but the boat is still afloat.  Our sails are ripped to pieces and the waves have smashed out rigging and the mast has fallen, but we haven’t sunk yet.  The Savior is on board.

If Jesus is on board, we cannot sink.  Just when it appears that we will go under, the Lord will rebuke the wind and rain and we will anchor in a safe harbor.  We cannot lose.

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