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By Dr. Richard Ing


Evolutionists claim that everything came into being as follows:  There was originally nothing - a complete void in the universe (no one can explain how the unlimited void came into being in the first place).  But there was a tremendously dense mass of gases that suddenly exploded and created all the energy and matter in the universe.  As the gasses flew into the void, it eventually became a unified system coordinated and controlled by certain physical laws.  Millions of galaxies were formed and the universe continues to expand at the speed of light.  Our solar system is but a tiny speck in the universe.  Evolutionists claim that given the age of the universe - 2 or 3 billion years, everything came into being by accident.  Life emerged 2-½ billion years ago by pure chance.


There is no evidence to back up this theory.  It flies in the face of the second law of Thermodynamics that says that “order evolves into chaos, “rather than “chaos evolves into order.”  But, evolutionists are trying to sell us the idea that all order in the universe came from a horrendous, chaotic explosion of matter and gases that did not exist before. 


It takes more faith to believe in the big bang theory than it does to believe in a Creator.




According to some evolutionists, life began when lightning struck rolling waves and combined with dirt in the water to make life.  This has never been proven or duplicated in the laboratory.  According to that theory, a simple, living, single cell emerged and had the ability to seek food, eat and digest it, and to multiply itself through reproduction.  Scientist cannot tell us what intelligence prompted the simple, single cell to reproduce or seek food.  Eventually, that single cell became a complex cell that over billions of years evolved into all the life forms we have today, including man.


Remember, in order for that single, simple cell to survive, it had to instantaneously possess the ability to consume and digest food and to reproduce.  What are the odds that this happened - especially with a single, simple cell that could exist for only the shortest span of time?  Then too, what food?  Even if there were sources of food, the cell had to be able to distinguish food from non-food.  For the cell to find digestible food, it had to have the mechanism to allow it to seek and find food.  Also - it could not digest food unless it had a complex digestive system.  All this had to be present from the very beginning of its creation through accident and chance.


In reality, there is no such thing as a simple cell.  The closest we can find on earth is the one-cell amoeba.  But the amoeba is far from being simple.  Hundreds of cilia on its surface enable it to travel through fluids, seek food, surround the food and digest it.  It has a complex reproductive system and can sense light and darkness.  In fact, scientists cannot even duplicate what an amoeba can do.  It is too complex.  How then, could an amoeba or any other simple life form come into existence purely by chance?


Yet, evolutionists are promoting the following formula:  Electricity + water + dirt = life.  Ridiculous.  Thousands of laboratory tests and trials have never come close to verifying that theory.


According to Sir Frederick Hoyle, famous scientist and mathematician, the probability of life being created purely by chance is 1 X 1040,000, or 1 chance in 1 followed by 40,000 zeros.  Since one trillion is only 1012 , the probability of life being created purely by accident is 1 in 3,333.33 trillion.  By comparison, there are only 1080,000 electrons in the entire universe.  Mathematicians claim that 1050 is impossible.  Therefore, 1040,000 is impossible, no matter how much time is allotted and no matter how many conceivable opportunities could exist for it to happen.  Life could not have happened by pure accident.


Dr. Harold Morowitz, former professor of biophysics at Yale University, estimates that the probability for the chance formation of the smallest, simplest form of a living organism known is one chance in 10340,000,000.  Hoyle was being over-generous in his calculations.


Carl Sagan, famous evolutionist, estimated that the chance of life evolving on any single planet like earth is one chance in 102,000,000,000.


If the formation of just one molecule is impossible, how can you explain the complexity of life forms, or the formation of the extremely detailed DNA code?  Human DNA contains three billion pieces of information - tens of thousands of pages worth in just one human.  Did the information develop one page at a time?  In other words, each of the pieces of DNA had to happen by chance one at a time, since each piece controls or affects one physical characteristic. 


Carl Sagan admits:  The information content of the human brain is comparable to the total number of connections among neutrons - about a hundred trillion, 1014 bits.  If written in English, it would take 20 million volumes - as many as the largest libraries contain.


If you line up a computer, a robot, a 747 jet and a lowly worm, which is the most intricately designed?  The worm.  Scientists cannot even duplicate all the functions in a simple worm - its ability to sense food, avoid danger, eat and digest, see, hear and move, etc.  If the computer, robot and 747 jet had a designer and creator, how can we think that the worm happened by luck and chance over time?  The odds would be like a tornado hitting a large junk yard and leaving behind a computer, robot and 747 jet airplane.




Complex things cannot come together piece by piece.  All the parts have to come together at once for it to work.  If one part is missing, it will not work.  Like an automobile, each major part of the engine must be present for the engine to function as it should. 


Natural selection can only choose systems that are already working.  Therefore, complex mechanisms would have to arise as an integrated unit in one fell swoop, for natural selection to have anything to act on.  In other words, for an amphibian to turn into a bird, the mechanisms that will enable a bird to fly could not evolve over millions of years.  The complex parts had to be in place from the beginning for an amphibian to fly.  For instance, a human knee joint has 16 essential characteristics, each requiring thousands of pieces of information to exist simultaneously in the genetic code.  Therefore, the knee could not have evolved gradually but must have been created all at once as a whole, fully functioning unit.  An animal cannot “develop” a fully-functioning knee over time.  Same with the human eye.


The human eye has complex features that allow it to have automatic aiming, focusing,  aperture adjustment, etc.  It can see in bright sunlight and dark and can see an object the diameter of a fine hair, and perform 100,000 separate motions in an average day.  The eye carries on its own maintenance work as we sleep.  All of these features have to already be in place for it to function as an eye.  If any part is missing, it could not function as an eye.


The flagellum of some bacteria is a little motor-driven propeller that spins at 100,000 rpm and can change direction in a quarter turn.  It is an intricate machinery that includes the equivalent of a rotor, stator, O-rings, bushings and drive shaft and requires the coordinated interaction of approximately 40 complex protein parts.  If any part is missing or not available in the right proportions, it cannot function.  All of these parts and functions cannot happen by chance.


Even a single cell is incredibly complex.  It is like a factory that contains an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines, each of which is composed of a set of large protein machines.  These protein assemblies contain highly coordinated moving parts.  Each part must be in place simultaneously or it cannot function.  These highly intricate machines in cells are much more advanced than what man has been able to create.


Bill Gates says that the DNA in cells is far, far more advanced than any software ever created.  The complexity of DNA, genes and chromosomes defies evolution.  Just about every living creature defies evolution.  If there is even one animal that required God as its creator, then we need to consider a creator God.  Evolutionists stubbornly refuse to acknowledge a creator but put their faith in blind chance.  In other words, everything created in the universe was created by chance over time.




The main basis of Darwin’s theory of evolution is that over time, one species became another completely new species until we eventually had the over 250,000 species present today, not taking into account the many thousands of already-extinct species of animals and plants.


Evolutionism relies heavily on the discovery of fossil forms of early life.  Fossils are mineralized remains.  Over time, minerals from the surrounding soil seep into the original bones and as the once-living tissues disintegrate, the hardened minerals within the bone remain.  To date, over 100 million fossils of ancient creatures such as dinosaurs have been discovered and exhibited in major museums, many of them complete skeletons.  Some fossils have been dated earlier than 248 million years.  Dinosaurs are claimed to have roamed the earth between 248 and 65 million years ago and they were preceded by many other life forms millions of years before that.


The Field Museum of Chicago, the British Museum of Natural History and the New York Museum of Natural History collectively possess about 50% of all unearthed fossils.  Yet, the top paleontologists of each of the three museums have declared that there is no fossil evidence of one species of any animal or plant evolving into another species of animal or plant.  These individuals have custody over at least 50 million fossils and have spent lifetimes investigating and studying them.  Yet, all three have declared that they have never found any fossil indicating that one species changed into another.


If all living forms evolved from a single ancestor, there should be millions of fossils showing step by step how species changed in order to reach the over 250,000 known species existing today.  In addition, evolution should be an on-going process. 




The biggest piece of evidence of ape changing into men would no doubt be the discovery of many “missing links” showing the progression of ape or an ape ancestor, bit by bit, until modern man evolved.  Yet, there is absolutely no fossil evidence that man evolved from apes or a common ancestor, although the evolution of man is supposed to have taken place about 245 million years after dinosaurs appeared.  We have millions upon millions of dinosaur fossils and absolutely none of humanoids.

Numerous attempts and hoaxes have been presented as the “missing link” between man and apes.  Great hoopla have met each such discovery as evolutionists gleefully claimed that this was the fool-proof evidence of evolution.  However, most if not all of the so-called missing links have already been proven either false or a hoax.




Scientist have found:  Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man, Java Man, Peking Man, Neanderthal Man and Lucy.  All were supposed to be “missing links” between modern man and either apes or a common ancestor.  But all of these so-called missing links have been proven to be hoaxes.


Nebraska Man.  A single tooth later found to be from an extinct pig.

Piltdown Man.  A deliberate hoax.  Years after it was hailed as the missing link that proves for all time that man was descended from apes or a common ancestor, it was found that Piltdown Man was drawn from a skull fragment of a modern human, and a jawbone and two teeth from an orangutan.  In 1953, Joseph Weiner of Oxford University, and Le Gros Clark of the same institution proved it to be a total forgery.  The bone fragments had been stained to make it look aged. 

Java Man.  This “missing link” was constructed from widely scattered bones. A skull cap and femur were found far apart in a gravel pit.  These were actually unrelated parts of a “modern” human being and a giant gibbon.

Peking Man was actually monkey-like skulls bashed in at the back and found with various animal bones and tools and therefore, concluded that a “tool-using ape” were man’s ancestors.  Instead, these animals were man’s meals and tools were used on them rather than by them.

Neanderthal Man was just plain, modern people who suffered from dietary deficiencies because of the lack of certain minerals available.  Rickets and arthritis were rampant in the remains and resulted in a hunchbacked, head-forward walk.

Lucy could not be a missing link because it was determined that man walked upright before the time of Lucy.  Also - the bones were found 2 miles apart.


Evolutionists are so anxious to prove evolution that they will draw a complete human body, with hair, ape-like appearance and body angles out of a single tooth and piece of skull.  Yet, these fraudulent claims continue to be published in elementary school textbooks and taught to our children as truth even after they were proven to be fraudulent, while creationism is consistently rejected.  Even today, public schools continue teaching evolution of man from apes or a common ancestor, without any real evidence.  Evolution, it seems, is an anti-christ religion based purely on man’s imagination and rejection of God.




If man evolved from a common ancestor to the apes or from apes, many transitional forms should have been found, even complete skeletons.  As mentioned earlier, dinosaurs and other animals lived between 248 and 65 millions years ago and thousands of complete skeleton fossils have been found.  Yet, the first ape-man is supposed to have appeared only 3.6 million years ago compared to 248 to 65 million years for dinosaurs.  Why then have no complete or even partial skeletons of humanoids been discovered?  (Humanoids are creatures that are supposed to be transitional forms from ape to homo sapiens)  There are none.


There are no transitional forms for all modern species either - that’s 250,000 living species.  Once in a while, a scientist will discover a fossil that seems to be a little different from others of its species.  They gleefully proclaim that this is a missing link or transitional form proving Darwin’s theory.  But all so-called “transitional” fossils stand alone with no other fossils to show the next steps in evolution.  In other words, there are no other successive “transitional” fossils to trace the next steps in evolution.


There are over 100 million dinosaur and similar fossils in existence today stored in many large warehouses.  On the other hand, if you put all the so-called “missing link” humanoid fossils together, they could not cover the top of a billiard table.  If the first ape-man appeared between 244.4 million years after the dinosaurs, why are there 100 million dinosaur fossils and no authenticated fossils of missing links of humans?  Fossils of humanoids (human-like creatures) and post-dinosaur species should number in the hundreds of millions.  There are none.


Dr. Colin Patterson, director of the British Museum of Natural History admits that he has seven million fossils in his museum but not one transitional fossil, humanoid or otherwise.  The chief curators of the Field Museum of Chicago and the New York Museum of Natural History also report that they have no transitional fossils of any modern species in their possession.  Yet, as mentioned, these three institutions are in possession of at least 50% (over fifty million) of all fossils discovered to date.


Niles Eldridge, a leading expert in vertebrate fossils, honestly admits that any discovery of transitional fossils is only a very occasional slight accumulation of change over millions of years, at a rate too slow to account for all the prodigious changes that have occurred in evolutionary history.  The few abberations we do see cannot be considered as firm evidence.  For instance, a fossil of a prehistoric fish was recently discovered with what appears to be an extra bone in its frontal fin.  Evolutionists happily declared that this is proof that the fish was a transitional form that eventually grew legs that would enable it to walk on land.  But where are all the other transitional forms in between?  It is still just a fish with an extra bone at most.


The most scientist can say is that they have discovered a few fossils that seem to indicate some intermediary species.  Yet, these so-called intermediary species stand alone, with no other successive fossil to indicate the next “mutant” or gradual change that ultimately resulted in a new species. 


Even more compelling is the complete lack of transitional fossils of all the other modern species in existence today.




Scientists are perplexed that there was a species explosion over a period of a few hundred thousand years, during which most of our modern species suddenly appeared, as compared to the theory that modern life forms evolved over millions of years.  In other words, most of the species existing today suddenly came into being 200,000 years ago.  About 80% of the species existing on earth today were found in their present form in strata identified as the Cambrian Strata or the Cambrian period of prehistoric history.   Later, we will show that the modern dating methods, including carbon-dating, are far from being accurate.


With just a single tooth and a small piece of skull bone, evolutionists have created entire drawings of half-ape, half-man humanoids and presented it as pure truth.  But, there has been no valid humanoid fossil to show that man evolved from some primitive animal.


The fossil record is clear evidence that evolution is only a pipe dream.  Unto this very day, there is no fossil evidence that a cat turned into a dog or into a horse. 




Within a species, there can be many sub-species such as with dogs and horses.  But a dog is still a dog, no matter if one has a short tail and the other one a longer tail.  Even among horses, there are many variations, but an Arab or Apaloosa or draft horse is still a horse.  The Arab horse, in fact, has one less vertebra than other breeds, but it does not prove that it is a missing link for a future new species.  It is still a horse with one less vertebrae.  Frogs come in many forms, colors and sizes, but a frog is still a frog and none of the variations is a transitional form that will evolve into another species of animal.  Natural selection does not change one species into another.




Mutants are very rare among living species.  Moreover, mutants are overwhelmingly not an improvement on, but a lesser model from the original and the changes are not only accidental but non-beneficial.  They did not appear because of a need to survive.  They were purely accidental.  Secondly, mutants do not normally live long enough to reproduce.  Even if they do, they would have to find another exact mutant of the opposite sex, with the same physical/mental features, in order to pass on their aberrant features, given the complex system of chromosomes, genes and DNA.  In the overwhelming amount of cases, mutations did not reproduce, even where scientists intentionally mutated simpler life forms in the laboratory and attempted to have them reproduce themselves.


Mutations do not prove evolution.  They are both rare, non-beneficial (not an advanced form) and non-reproducible.  Yet, evolutionists continue to claim that one species evolved into another through mutation. 




If evolution is a valid theory, that means that many species should be in transition at this very moment and one should find many evidences of one species evolving into another.  Yet, no such transition has ever been discovered.  In an attempt to explain this lack of on-going evolution, evolutionists claim that all species have reached a point of perfection and therefore, further evolution is not required.  But who told the 250,000 species on earth that they are now perfect and can stop evolving?  It is not reasonable to claim that all species reached their maximum potential and design at one period of time and therefore there is no need to evolve anymore.  Instead, it has been found that over 80% of the species living today, already existed in the identical form tens of millions of years ago and have not evolved since.  In other words, they were created perfect from the very beginning.




According to evolutionists, all life forms were created through pure chance or accident and without particular design.  Yet, the human eye can see an object and transfer an image of that object to the brain within 1/100ths of a second.  It would take the most sophisticated computer in the world today over 100 years to duplicate that same transfer.  The human body’s skeletal system is so complex that scientists cannot duplicate most of its functions.  The twelve middle vertebrae in the spinal column (called dorsal or thoracic vertebrae) each have two holes on the sides, out of which over 300,000 nerve channels or fibers emerge.  These nerve fibers control most of the functions in the human body.  It would be a colossal feat for these fibers to accidentally and without purpose, suddenly grow out of the spinal column.  In other words, 7,200,000 nerve fibers suddenly came on the scene in a spontaneous burst and created part of the nervous system of the human body.  Even if only part of the nerve fibers came into existence every few million years, it would be a tremendous feat.  It is mathematically impossible.




According to evolutionists, animals such as the giraffe became that way through natural selection.  In the case of the giraffe, evolutionists claim that at one time, all the grass and low bushes disappeared and the giraffe was forced to reach up into the tree tops in order to find food in order to survive.  Over centuries of stretching for food on tree tops, the giraffe gradually got its long neck.  As grass and low bushes became increasingly rare over millions of years, the giraffe’s neck became longer and longer.  But that theory is full of holes. 


For one thing, if the giraffe was forced to reach into tree tops for food, and no other grazing or low bush eating animals could survive, then how come we have found so many such animals living in the same time period that the giraffe lived?   Within the same soil strata, scientists have found all manner of ground feeders.  How did they survive?  Secondly, it is known that the female giraffe is about two feet shorter in height than the male.  How did the females ever survive to reproduce?  Wouldn’t the taller males eat all the tree tops and leave nothing for the females?  What about the shorter younger giraffes?  While it is true that the taller male giraffes could have been smart enough to toss some food to the ground, modern behavior of giraffes discount that theory.


Scientists still cannot explain how the giraffe’s special circulatory system evolved so that a giraffe can feed on the ground and lift up its head suddenly when danger is sensed.  The sudden change in blood pressure would cause all the blood in the giraffe’s head to drain abruptly, resulting in the giraffe “fainting” and falling to the ground.  The intricate and complex valve system in a giraffe is amazing.  Did the giraffe say to itself, “I need to develop a heart and valve system so that when I see a lion approaching, I can raise my head suddenly without fainting?”




Evolutionists are hard-pressed to explain their theory that in the beginning, there were only fish that could breathe under water.  Over millions of years, some fishes gradually learned how to walk on land and developed a lung that could breathe air out of water.  They evolved into mammals.  Then, for some unexplained reason, some mammals found a need to go back to the water and that’s how we got our whales and dolphins who are mammals.  Evolutionists claim that food on land had become scarce and mammals such as bears or similar animal had to go back to the water to feed.  One scientist claimed that he observed a polar bear swimming with its mouth open to feed on sea weed.  This, according to him, shows that mammals returned to the water to feed. 


What is not clear is how these mammals could breed in the water, give birth in the water and feed their young milk through nipples?  Intermediate and transitional forms could not live if such is the case.  All of the transitional babies would die.  They had to be able to surface for air, dive down and suckle from the very beginning.  Evolution had to be overnight and not over millions of years.  The species would have died out overnight. 


Like other mammals, whales and dolphins cannot breathe under water, have lungs like all mammals, hair on their body, reproduce like other mammals, have live births and produce milk to feed their young.  They were made that way from the very beginning of their existence.




When we see a house, car, airplane or computer, we know that someone created it.  There is an order, design and art to it that demands a creator.  Some intelligent being created it.  Artists look at the sunrise or sunset, the mountains and ocean and are awed by the art and beauty of it.  They know that it wasn’t an accident.  Instead of chaos, there is a beauty to the rainbow, the sunset, the forest and lake.  Someone had to have created this art form. 


There is a certain beauty, art, order and design in the human body and a tremendously complexity.  When we look at a human body or even a simple animal, can we think that nobody created it?  That it was all an accident?  If you look at Mt. Rushmore with the carvings of four presidents on it, we would not be foolish enough to think that nature created it over time.


Some people think that it would take blind faith to believe in God, but we use calculated faith every day when we cross the street, drive a car, take the elevator, ride an airplane, etc.  It takes more faith to believe that all life on the planet came into existence over time and completely by accident.


The universe displays creation, design, art and order, the same as a computer or car.  If so, then there should be a creator, designer, artist or order-er behind it.  If you look at a landscape painting, you know that someone was behind it.  Then why shouldn’t there be someone behind the actual landscape?  The apostle Paul said it in Romans 1:20: “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: . . . .”


Logically, we know that there cannot be an unpainted painting, an un-sculpted sculpture, an un-designed design.  It doesn’t make sense.  How did  the sun, moon, stars, oceans and sand, each unique snowflake and your three billion pieces of DNA come together to produce a unique you?


Look at the buildings in a city.  You know that there had to be a builder by the work he left behind.  When we look at the universe, we know there has to be a Creator. 




Scientists claim that through carbon dating, the dinosaurs lived between 248 and 65 million years ago.  Yet, a paleontologist has recently found soft tissue in the femur of a T Rex, proving that the dinosaurs were much less than 65 million years old.  It was more like tens of thousands years old if at all.  No soft tissue can exist for 65 million years.  They also found red corpuscles in the bone sample, which was extraordinary because red corpuscles will not preserve for 65 million years under any condition whatsoever.  (Discovery Magazine.  April 2006.  Schweitzer’s Dangerous Discovery.  By Barry Yeoman.)  Not only were the bones non-fossilized and original, they were recent enough to contain intact once-living tissue.


According to Yeoman, other paleontologists have often reported a distinct odor while handling dinosaur bones.  That odor is easily recognizable by others that handle living matter and recently-dead cells as coming from decaying tissue.  Paleontologists are unfamiliar with the odor and thus, do not recognize that the fossil is actually far from being 65 million years old.


Paleontologists have found fossils of many modern species, including modern human, within the same strata of rock where they have found dinosaur fossils.  This has puzzled them for decades.  When modern man or humanoids made their initial appearances, there were no living dinosaurs.  Unlike the movies, there never were cave men that fought against dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were long gone before man appeared.  Yet, modern man continues to appear in the same strata as dinosaurs.




For every cause there is an effect and vice versa.  That’s called the Law of Cause and Effect in science.  Every effect has a cause and if you go back to the very first effect, there has to be a very first cause.  Everything in this universe has a cause.  Nothing cannot bring itself into being.  It requires a cause outside of itself.  What came first, the chicken or the egg?


As in the coke example, blind, random chance does not give rise to design.  It would be like a tornado hitting a junk yard and leaving a fully formed 747 jet, a Mercedes and a skyscraper.  Why?  Blind chance cannot do that.


If you placed all the pieces of a fine watch in a shoebox and shook it for ten minutes, do you think that all the parts will come together to be a functioning watch?  If you shook it for five billion years, would it come together?  No way.  There are many more things in the universe far more complex than a watch.  Even a trillion years cannot produce certain things, much less the 2-½ billion years earth is supposed to be in existence.



The earth is positioned at just the right distance from the sun.  If we were closer by a few percentage points, we would all roast to death; if we were farther, we would freeze to death.  Temperature variations are kept within reasonable limits by the nearly circular orbit around the sun. 


Any appreciable change in the rate of rotation of the earth would make life impossible.  If the earth rotated much faster, many things would be affected:  the tides and height of waves, the length of days and nights, the temperature.  Summer days would be too short to produce enough heat to regulate the rate of evaporation, etc.


The moon is at the proper distance away.  Any closer would produce enormous tides. 


The thickness of the earth’s crust and depth of the oceans are carefully designed.  Any increases would alter the absorption of free oxygen and CO2 and plant and animal life could not exist.


The earth’s axis is tilted just right so that we have four seasons.  Any alteration would create too much heat or not enough.


The ozone layer is just thick enough to create a protective shield against solar ultraviolet radiation.


The earth’s atmosphere protects the earth by burning 20 million meteors each day.  Any thinner and many meteorites would hit the earth.


There is a balance between oxygen (20%) and nitrogen (78%) and delicate and critical ratio essential to all life forms.  Too much oxygen and the atmosphere would be explosive; not enough and we could not breathe.


The earth’s magnetic field provides important protection from harmful cosmic radiation.


All of that cannot happen by chance no matter how many trillions of years go by.




The earth is the only planet proven to have large quantities of water.  Water is essential to support life and 2/3rds of our planet is covered with water.  No other planet and in truth, no other solar system has water.  How did this happen? 


If evolution were true, then it would be true everywhere in the universe.  For evolution to happen on other planets, water must be present.  The lack of water on other planets has perplexed scientists and in their desperation to prove evolution, they have concocted wild conclusions.  In recent times, scientists have proclaimed that water must have existed on Mars because channels and gorges can be seen on the surface of that planet and these channels could have been caused by movements of water.  Yet, we know that movements of molten lava and surface winds can also create channels and river-like gorges.  Scientists claim that the absence of water on the surface indicates that water lies under the surface.  Again, there is absolutely no evidence of any of this.


One scientist contends that a rock formation on the surface of Mars appears to be a human face with two eyes, a nose and a mouth.  This, he concludes is proof that man once lived on Mars and there may be underground cities.  This face, he claims, is man’s attempt to tell the universe that human-like life once existed and could still exist on Mars.  What a fairytale!  Natural rock formations that look like human faces abound on planet earth too.


For decades, 24 hours a day, scientists have been sending a continuous radio signal into space in hopes that some advanced living beings will receive the signals and send signals back.  This would prove that there are other living beings in the universe.  So far, no such thing has occurred.


Scientists recently proclaimed that they have finally discovered how water came to planet earth.  A meteorite was seen hitting the ground in the remote arctic regions.  When scientists retrieved pieces of the meteorite in the arctic snow, traces of water were found in the meteorite.  It is now proclaimed that all the water was brought to earth by meteorites that contained water.  First, how many trillions upon trillions of meteorites containing a small amount of water in each of them would have to hit earth to produce the miles-deep oceans surrounding the earth?  If the earth is 2-½ billion years old and water was found on the planet over 500 million years ago, how could such a huge body of water have formed?  In fact, 500 million years ago, there was more water covering the surface of the planet than there is today.  How is it that only one meteorite among hundreds of millions to enter the earth’s atmosphere was found to contain traces of water?  Second, how come our moon and other planets were not hit by the same meteorite clouds?  Third, where are the remains of trillions of meteorites?


It seems that in their over-exuberance to prove that there is no God, scientists have abandoned common sense.




Modern technology using DNA identification proves beyond a reasonable doubt that one species cannot turn into another.  It is too complicated to explain in detail at this time; but any fair scientist will conclude that it is impossible, given the complexity of how chromosomes, genes and DNA are arranged.


Each of us starts off as a tiny sphere no larger than a dot on this page.  Within that microscopic ball there is over six feet of DNA, all coiled up.  Inside that DNA is the entire code for what you will become - all your organs and all your features.  It is like a microscopic computer with a built-in memory.  DNA stores a fantastic number of blueprints and at the right time and place issues orders for distant parts of the body to build its cells and structures.


To give you an idea how complex the DNA system is, each cell in your body contains a nucleus.  Inside the nucleus, among other things, are chromosomes.  Inside the chromosomes are genes.  Inside the genes is the complicated chemical structure we call DNA.  Each gene has thousands or more such DNA units.  Your DNA is scattered all through your body in about 100 thousand billion specks.  The code within each DNA cell is complicated in the extreme!  If you were to put all the coded DNA instructions from just ONE single human cell into English, it would fill many large volumes, each volume the size of an unabridged dictionary!


When egg and sperm join, the manner in which the DNA, chromosomes and genes join and divide is so complex and quick that 1000 base pairs can divide in one second.  If just one code were omitted, you would be in serious trouble.


Yet evolutionists claim that all the complicated DNA in each life-form, and all the DNA in every other life-form, made itself out of dirty water back in the beginning:  lightning hit dirty water and made living creatures complete with DNA.  They not only had their complete genetic code, but they were also immediately able to hunt for, eat, digest food, move about, perform enzymatic and glandular functions, reproduce and all the rest.  They immediately knew how to produce additional cells and their DNA began to divide and make new complete cells that could do the same things.  Remember, in order to reproduce yourself and pass on your features, it takes a DNA code. 


According to evolutionists, the same stroke of lightning made both a male and female pair and they had complete digestive, respiratory, and circulatory organs and the ability to reproduce and produce offspring.  The same stroke of lightning also made their food, with its own DNA, male and female parts, etc.





The complex DNA had to be in existence from the beginning and there had to be a process by which DNA could be translated.  The modern cell’s translation mechanism contains at least fifty macromolecular components that could tell the living matter when to start building certain organs or parts and how.  Without a translator, DNA would be useless.  Imagine a fetus in its mother’s womb.  There is a complex order in which the organs begin to form.  Something regulates the order.


All of this is based on design and design requires an intelligence.  Careful thought and structuring was required.  Complexity and the coding it is based on does not evolve.  Left to themselves, all things become more random and disorganized.  DNA could not have come into being randomly and by accident.


Without life, even DNA would have no meaning.  They would be merely chemicals arranged in a certain pattern.  The odds that life could have been created instantaneously with a complete DNA code imbedded in the single cell are so astronomical that it would be impossible.  Yet, evolutionists are telling us that given enough time, anything can happen.  Evolution is a fairy tale.




DNA - has crushed the hopes of biological evolutionists because it proves that it would be impossible for one species to change into another since it is a combination lock and tight.  Only sub-species can occur.  Microevolution is limited by the genetic code.  No features that are not already present in a creature’s DNA can ever be produced by natural selection. 


While there are variations within a species, it is always within these limits.  Natural selection can only work on the genetic information present in a population of organisms.  Adaptation and natural selection are biological facts; amoeba to man evolution is not.


No amount of natural selection can produce a feathered reptile.  A fish cannot change into a mammal.  Mutations in genes can only modify or eliminate existing structures, not create new ones.  Natural selection cannot create anything new; it can only modify something already existing.


Chance cannot produce what is in a living organism - not now, not ever before, not ever in the future.  It just cannot be done.  Even if by chance, all the chemical and other stuff were put together in the right combination, it still cannot produce life.  Even the smallest single-cell bacteria have about 3,000,000 nucleotides, aligned in a very specific sequence.  Any viable DNA strand having over 84 nucleotides cannot be the result of random mutations.  The probabilities are 1 in 4.80 x 1050 . 




Not only is natural selection said to have produced everything, but the entire process was said to be entirely RANDOM!  Therefore, it is not “selection,” for nothing was selected!  There is no selection process that chooses only advantageous changes.  Both advantageous and dis-advantageous changes should take place.  Many scientists have concluded that natural selection cannot change one species into another.  However, out of that same group are scientists that now claim that mutations are responsible for changing one species into another.  All evolutionists agree that it would take either natural selection or mutation.


Within species there can be many varieties; yet, the species are the same.  There are many kinds of dogs, but they are all dogs; many kinds of cats but they are all cats.  There are many different kinds of horses, but they are still all horses.  There are many colors in pigeons, from white to black, blue, red and so forth, but they are still all pigeons.  Within a species there can be many variations in the gene pool.        Evolutionists claim that once a species mutates and changes into another species, they cannot return to the original species.  But with all the variations we have seen above, all remain dogs, cats, horses or pigeons.




In a few cases, two very similar species can breed together - for instance, a donkey and a horse (has to be a male donkey and a female horse to arrive at a mule), a horse and zebra, a turkey and a chicken.  However, the offspring cannot breed with one another to form a new species.  A mule cannot breed with another mule to produce a mule. 

A half-horse, half-zebra cannot breed with another half-horse, half-zebra to produce a half-horse, half-zebra.  Neither can a half-turkey, half-chicken breed with another half-turkey, half-chicken to produce a half-turkey, half-chicken.  In rare instances when they do breed, they invariably produce either a horse or a donkey, horse or zebra and turkey or chicken.  The offspring are crosses and not cross-overs.  They cannot produce a new breed of animal that can reproduce with others of the same breed. 


There is no evidence that at any time, in all the history of the world, that even one new true species has formed from other species.




How did evolutionists determine the age of fossils and different strata?  They started off with the theory of evolution and concluded that the most simplest of creatures must have been the oldest living things.  Therefore, they categorized the simplest forms of life as being millions of years old.  Then, they lined up all forms and the more modern species were given the shortest existence on earth.  The problem is - many modern forms of life are found in the same strata of earth as the simplest forms, but evolutionists ignore this fact.




The lowest strata of earth that has fossils is called the Cambrian.  No fossils appeared before the Cambrian; yet, while the Cambrian contains a wealth of fossil types and there is no fossil indicating that one species evolved into another.  Each species is different from the others.  There are billions of fossils from this period and not one shows evolution.  All the major animal groups (phylum) are represented and every specie appears suddenly, both in the Cambrian period and in subsequent periods.  There is absolutely no fossil evidence of gradual evolution of any species.  In other words, each of the hundreds of thousands of species were created exactly the way they are today (including extinct ones) suddenly!  Scientists cannot explain this.


There is absolutely no fossil evidence of one species changing into another - not ever, not now and not in the future.  Evolution is an impossible theory to support.




The evidence against evolution is over-whelming.  We have only touched on the subject.  There are many books on the subject.  Why then is evolution continuing to be taught in our classrooms to the exclusion of the Creator theory?  It is mostly because of the deliberate cover-up of any negative evidence against evolution by the evolutionists themselves.  Whenever there is a very minor and isolated discovery that can even remotely hint that one species could possibly evolve into another (most of the time, they cannot tell what), it hits the headlines or textbooks.  On the other hand, every time there is evidence against evolution, it never is published by the mass media.  For instance, the article in the Discovery magazine on dinosaur bones containing actual tissue never appeared in any journals or newspapers.  The public is kept selectively ignorant.


Evolutionists have an agenda: to prove that there is no God!  They will go to great lengths to cover up any truth that debunks evolution and blow up out of proportion, any slight evidence that can be interpreted as supporting evolution, although there is none.


Secondly, scientists normally work in very narrow areas of specialty and do not look at the overall picture.  Many obvious conclusions that debunk evolution are overlooked because most scientists are not focused on the issue of evolution and do not realize that what they have discovered debunks evolution.  For instance, scientists that work with DNA are busy researching stem cell growth and possible applications and do not realize that DNA completely refutes evolution.  They have been led to believe that evolution is a scientific fact!


The evidence is overwhelming that a Creator created the heavens and the earth and everything in it.  His name is Jesus.




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