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By Dr. Richard Ing

January 21, 2009


Is today really the end of the end?  People everywhere have been jumping on the Obama bandwagon and placing their hopes on him.  His speeches have been soaring and uplifting.  He is one of the greatest orators of our time.  Some claim that over two and a half million showed up for his inauguration  Never before have so many people attended any event in the nation’s capital. 


Is it possible that the new administration will be able to turn things around and things will go back to where it was before?  That’s the hope almost everyone has.  But when I read the Bible and observe what is happening today, my doubts disappear.  One-world government, one-world religion and the mark of the beast are definitely here.  Rev. 13:8, 11-13, 16-18.  Twenty or thirty years ago, they were not.  Although one-world government has been talked about for centuries, it is finally coming to pass.  Right now, we are confronted by the very real prospect of global economic failure and coming recession, depression and famine.  Rev. 6:5-6.  It is already happening.


During the terrible depression of the late 1920’s and the 1930’s, unemployment was close to 23%. Reports claim that America’s jobless rate is more like 15% already.  Almost daily, we read about large corporations going bankrupt or laying off thousands of workers.  The end is nowhere in sight.


It will not take much to tip the scales.  Another war, a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and so forth, can greatly damage the government’s ability to pay its bills.  When the government goes into bankruptcy, the whole country falls.  The present economic problems are based on the falling credit ratings of many businesses, banks and governments.  When a business or government can no longer borrow money or float bonds, cash flow stops and unemployment increases. 




I have always been an advocate of hoping for the best, but preparing for the worse.  When Y2K failed to arrive, many laughed at us for getting ready.  But if it happened, they would have cried.  The U.S. Government spent hundreds of millions on changing their computers and many experts warned us of great consequences if and when computers shut down at midnight, December 31, 1999.  At the time, internal clocks of most computers could only read up to the number 1999.  The first digit (“1”) was a fixed number and could not be changed into a “2.”  As it turned out, massive failures were averted, although prior tests confirmed multiple computer crashes, according to experts. 


The threat of worldwide disaster is here again.  What do we do?  The Bible tells us that only deep faith in God and spiritual maturity will get us through.  Many Christians will fall, no matter what steps they take to survive.  Spiritual maturity requires great faith in God.  That is why I am pushing you to take a leap of faith and begin to trust God by obeying Him in opening house churches.  If it was easy; if it was guaranteed; if it was without apprehension and possibility of failure, it wouldn’t require faith.  Faith is where the results are not evident or seen, where there is an element of risk.  If we cannot get past that stage, when will we trust God?


Spiritual maturity implies the following:


(1)  a separateness from worldly pursuits and a true heart that bears testimony that Jesus is Lord and He lives in us, as manifested in our walk and life;

(2)  an ability to commune and hear from God (that is why we promote intercessory prayer on Thursdays and fasting every other Friday);

(3)  obedience to His will;

(4)  great love for God and fellow man;

(5)  a knowledge of and the anointing to engage the demonic kingdom and defeat Satan and his evil spirits;

(6) gifts of the Spirit in order to serve Him and confirm the truth by signs and wonders; and

(7)  a willingness to lay down your life for the sake of His great name.  Rev. 12:11.


Only the “overcomers” in Revelation 2 and 3 will make it through unto the very end.  They will be the true church, the Army of God and the Martyrs of God.  Rev. 12.  Meanwhile, what are we to do?  Do we just sit around, do nothing and hope that our faith in God will be strong enough down the road?


I believe that we are to prepare as best we can and when we come to the end of what we have and can do, God will take care of the rest.  Many times in my life, God did miraculous things; but I had to do the first part to the best of my ability.  When I could go no further and ran out of options, God stepped in.  For instance, when I couldn’t pay my rent for three months, I worked hard and was able to pay part of it through my own efforts, then God sent someone with the rest.


When my children went to law school, I didn’t have enough funds for everything.  God gave them exemptions and scholarships, but we had to sell a property on the Big Island and scrape up some money for other expenses.  The kids obtained student loans for some things.  But God gave us enough money to see them through after we went as far as we could.  Sure, they had to pay back their loans, but without God’s help, they would not be attorneys today.  In other words, you do what you can and God will take care of the rest.  That’s His way.  He didn’t promise a free ride for everything.  He didn’t say that we could just sit back and do nothing.  Therefore, we should prepare the best we can and then trust God for the rest. 




It would take volumes to cover everything we could do to survive.  We can only touch a few broad areas.  First, we need to be clear about what is to come and prepare for it.    Tribulation will come gradually and can possibly be divided in a number of stages that are progressive. 




1.  Stage One.  We are already in Stage One.  Unemployment will continue throughout each stage until the one-world government kicks in. Many businesses, including banks, will fail and close.  At first, the government will bail them out but after a while, it will be too great a task and the government will be unable to continue.  The momentum of recession will stall for a short time, but eventually will pick up again as even bailout money cannot save the banks.  Inflation will cause the cost of goods to go sky high.  Two things will contribute to inflation:  (1) The dollar will be diluted to a point that even basic goods will be very expensive dollar-wise; and (2) demand will far exceed supply.  The government will pass laws making gouging illegal.  Black market items will be popular. Certain items will become very expensive or not available.  Saving money will help for only a short time since the cost of goods will go sky high and all that you save will vanish overnight.  In the end, even money, precious metals and jewelry will not help because there simply will not be things to buy.


Businesses cannot continue without banks willing to make loans so new businesses can be created and on-going businesses can survive or expand.  Without bank loans, the economy stalls.  Even now, banks are holding the bailout money in reserve and not lending it out.  Fear of bank insolvency keeps loans scarce.  There will be many empty office spaces and commercial buildings.


Many will lose jobs.  There will be temporary relief from time to time, but ultimately nothing will work.  The U.S. has already fallen too deep to recover within the next decade.  The dollar will ultimately become worthless. 


For a time, there will be basic government services such as water, electricity, sewer and police, although in diminishing quality and quantity.  People with money will hoard goods.  People will rush out to buy survival items such as food, generators and the like.  Eventually, the government will put limits as to what each family can buy.  The demand will far exceed the supply.  There will be long lines in front of grocery stores that are still open.  Some goods will be available, but of limited quantities.  Within a few hours, everything will be sold.  The time to get ready is now!


America will become a Third World country.  America’s woes will quickly spread to the entire world.  The world will blame America and hate her.  Meanwhile, the globalists will continue to plot and pull the strings on their puppets.  Their goal is to bring about a great famine by bankrupting every industrial country and creating total dependency and hope in a super-rich and powerful class of people that have been secretly promoting and preparing to take over the world.  The coming famine will not touch them.  (… and touch not the oil and the wine.”  Rev. 6:6)  They are being controlled by Satan.  At the end of Stage One, chaos will begin.


REVIVAL.  God is preparing His true followers for coming revival.  At the start, the going will be difficult as people still hang on to their hopes and are not yet fully afraid.  They expect quick recovery and look to President Obama and his leadership.  He will find it impossible to keep his campaign promises and will begin to compromise.  His liberal approach will be lauded in the beginning, but failed policies will become increasingly evident.  Nevertheless, for a while, his oratory ability will keep the people believing that change is around the corner.  But as time goes on, perhaps six months or so, their hopes will begin to fade and reality will begin to set in.  More and more people will start to turn to God, but the peak of revival is not yet.  God is giving us a short window of opportunity to prepare for revival and survival by opening house churches and anticipating what is going to take place.  We need to train, train, and train.  The next six months will be crucial.  Tribulation and revival are about to begin. 




2. Stage Two.  Unemployment will reach new highs and the government will be hard pressed to maintain unemployment and welfare benefits.  Social Security payments and Medicare will be cut back drastically.  Homeless people will greatly increase in numbers.  Municipal and state governments will raise taxes and cut back on many social services.  The rich will be taxed more and more.  People will have to pay for government services that were once free.  When they are unable to pay their taxes, the government will place tax liens on many properties and end up owning them.  Many will be looking for work and trying to do whatever they need to survive.  Burglaries and robberies will increase greatly.  At the same time, the police departments are forced to cut back because of lack of funds.  Government soup lines and homeless shelters will pop up as people lose their homes and rental units.  More people will die or be sick because they cannot afford health care.  Even the professions such as physicians, lawyers, dentists, engineers and architects will suffer great loss of income.  More businesses and offices will close down.  For a time, landlords will lower rents, but businesses will continue to shut down.  Every time when it seems that blue skies are appearing, natural disasters or wars knock everybody down and the government will not be able to rescue the victims in terms of providing financial aid or even military and rescue personnel.  It is reaching a time when it is “everyone for himself.”


Towards the end of this stage, there will be riots and gangs will organize and burn down government buildings and loot stores.  Anarchy will start to rear its ugly head.  The upper class people will be targeted.  Meanwhile, countries such as Iran and North Korea will have nuclear capability and will be a threat to national security.  Fear will be everywhere.


REVIVAL.  Revival/harvest will begin to pick up dramatically.  Many will start to come to the Lord.  People are now desperate.  There will be great unrest.  Churches will start to be packed.  Sadly, many churches will be promoting good works and giving away food in order to entice people.  The prosperity doctrine will bring people in.  Many will come to the Lord one way or other.  Many Christians will take in other families, relatives and friends and help feed them.  The problem is:  spiritual maturity will not come to most. 




3.  Stage Three.  Worldwide famine and pestilences will increase.  Governments will be jockeying for position and will become increasingly hostile towards one another.  Wars will increase as oil becomes important to the survival of nations and competition will become fierce and deadly.  Many will die from starvation and diseases.  The Middle East will be in turmoil and Israel will be in the center of great controversy and hatred.  Peace treaties will be broken and alliances fluid.  The ruthless will dominate.


REVIVAL.  Many more will now start to come to Christ.  Revival will peak.  Churches will be overflowing.  But there will be two kinds of revival.  The first will be a true revival with power from on high and emphasis on spiritual maturity in Christ.  The second will be based on false promises and phony doctrines.  Revival will reach great heights.  The two groups of God’s witnesses will come forth and testify with power.  Multitudes will come to God.  The two witnesses will be hated by Satan and many will rise up and attack them, including many governments.  Christianity will be blamed for every bad thing, just as Hitler blamed the Jews for everything bad.  Many will believe the lies of the enemy.  God will protect the two groups of witnesses and give them great power to resist their enemies.  The true church will be praying and travailing intensely.  Persecution will increase.  House churches will flourish and increase greatly although under great stress and persecution.  The church will go underground.




4.  Stage Four.  The one-world government and one-world religion will become a force and reality.  They seize the moment and the rich and powerful begin to help certain selected groups of people but ignore the rest.  Many will die.  At the right moment, the one-world government will seize control of the world’s economies and nations.  Every country will be bankrupt and at the mercy of a powerful group of rich, arrogant and Satan-led globalists.  They will welcome this one-world government with great enthusiasm.


REVIVAL.  Multitudes continue to come to Christ.  The one-world government and one-world religion will start to assert themselves and will look for every opportunity to persecute, arrest and incarcerate Christian leaders.  They will promote and generate hate against Christianity and blame Christians for every conceivable problem.  Christians will help one another and this causes a problem for the globalists because Christians will not bow down to the one-world government and religion.  They will resist Satan’s beasts by warning others about Satan’s plot.



5.  Stage Five.  Once they seize absolute control, the one-world government and one-world religion will begin to arrest Christians and destroy all churches.  It will reach a climax when pockets of Christians resist and destroy certain government buildings and riot and demonstrate.  Christianity will be made illegal.  Some Christians will organize and fight back with weapons, but their weapons will be puny compared to the government’s military.  The government will kill the two groups of witnesses and demand that every man, woman and child renounce Jesus and take the mark of the beast or be killed.  The phony Christians will fall.  This will be the majority of Christians.  The pressure and deception will be incredible.  This is the mid-point of tribulation.  The first four stages will be completed within 3-1/2 years.


REVIVAL.   The woman in the wilderness will be protected.  She will travail, pained to be delivered.  She births the man-child that is taken up to heaven.  The woman will be protected.  The one-world government and one-world religion will take over and control all the governments of the world.  Many will worship and join the global government and hail it as the savior of mankind.  Those that do not renounce Jesus and take the mark of the beast will be killed by beheading and other forms of murder.  The globalists will silently continue to institute their programs that call for the reduction of the world’s population from over 6-1/2 billion to less than 2-1/2 billion.  So many people will be killed that they won’t even bother to bury them.  Many areas of the world will be poisoned by radioactivity and no one will want to enter these areas to bury the dead. 


The mark of the beast will be required at the mid-point of tribulation or 3-1/2 years.




6.  Stage Six.  Judgment comes for the last three and one-half years.  There will be much destruction as Satan’s beast proceeds to reduce the population of the earth.  God will cause many natural disasters and men will kill each other.  At one point of time, mankind will desire to die but cannot.  Still, they will not repent.


REVIVAL.  By this time, Christianity will seemingly disappear and the one-world government will concentrate on subjugating all renegade governments and groups.   The vast majority will embrace global government and Satan’s dictator beast.  Everyone will be forced to worship Satan’s beast.  Rev. 13:7, 8.  There will be many wars as the one-world government eliminates any and all resistance.  But the true church will be hidden by God and the Army of God is in heaven waiting to come back with Jesus.  This stage will be the last 3-1/2 years of tribulation.




Jesus returns with His army to destroy all evil on earth.  The one-world government prepares to come together to fight against God.  It is the end of the world as we know it. 


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