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Atheists And Religion


By Dr. Richard Ing

September 3, 2008


Many atheists blame religion for all the wars on earth.  They blame God for the evil on earth brought about by so-called religious zealots.  The truth is – it is not God or religion; it is man and the evil hearts and minds that dwell in them.  The Bible speaks about how mankind without God is essentially evil in heart and mind. 


With or without religion or God, the evil hearts of men will find a reason to kill and commit all manner of evil.  For instance, the Communist governments of Russia, China and other countries have murdered hundreds of millions of their own citizens – three times more than have died in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea and the Iran-Irag wars combined.  It is estimated that Communist regimes have killed over 100 million of its own citizens, not counting those that were tortured and maimed.  Yet, Communism is atheistic.  It does not believe in religion or God.  Many so-called Christians or Buddhists, or whatever, commit murder and heinous crimes and use God and religion as an excuse or justification.  Truth be told, it is the evil heart of men behind most such crimes and unrighteousness.


Violent and twisted minds will use religion as an excuse to kill and maim.  The Muslim terrorists are an example – so with the Christian crusades in the Middle Ages.  The same thing is true with greedy men and women.  The Bible commands us to take care of the widows, orphans and strangers.  But evil minds will steal, kill and destroy, often in the name of religion, be it Christianity, Buddhism or other religion.


Christianity is a loving religion.  The Bible says that God is love.  Not so with natural and carnal man.  Many claim to be Christians and yet live according to their own minds and hearts, unchanged by religion.  Greedy men will steal and defraud, whether they are Christian or observe any other religion.  They will often disguise their evil deeds by claiming that God told them to do it.  Many will take advantage of their power and position to take what is not theirs and then let others believe that it was God or religion that caused it.


Native Hawaiians blame Christianity for stealing their culture, land and freedoms.  Truth be told, greedy men did it out of their own selfish minds and hearts – not God.  They took advantage of the poor and uneducated not because God or Christianity demanded it or even allowed it.  In fact, the Bible is against greed and taking advantage of the underprivileged or weak ones.  What the missionaries and their offspring did had very little to do with God or Christianity and everything to do with greedy and controlling minds. 


Falsely blaming God and Christianity does not change the truth of the existence and pre-eminence of God.   God is still God.  Truth is still truth.  Truth does not require that you believe it or that most believe it.  It just continues being true.  You can reject it, lie about it, fight it and ignore it.  It just goes on being truth.  Truth is not changed by people that twist it and use it to the disadvantage of other people, Hawaiian or otherwise.  Blaming Christianity or its God, ignoring it, following other religions and gods or rejecting it doesn’t change it either.  Either Christianity is true or it is un-true.  To all atheists and people in general - stop blaming God and religion! 


The fault lies basically in the evil minds and hearts of men.  Most religions strive to change mankind’s hearts and minds but are obviously failing for the most part.  As Jeremiah, the prophet, said, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”  Jer. 17:9.

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