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By Dr. Richard Ing

There are two main issues for all Christians and all churches in these end times:  (1) obedience; and (2) integrity.


From Adam to Moses, from Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David and all the prophets of the Old Testament, the issue has always been obedience.  Disobedience and rebellion have been like waves in the history of Israel.  At times in the history of Israel, the laws and commandments of God have completely disappeared for hundreds of years, only to reappear once more.  

In King Josiah’s day, the book of the law was discovered in the temple and presented to the King.  2 Ki. 22:8.  The king rent his clothes and wept because Israel (actually Judah, the Southern Kingdom) had not observed and obeyed the law for a long time.  Verse 13.  For decades, the priests themselves had actually forgotten the book of the law or had hidden it out of sight.  How could such a thing happen?  If God’s book of law was important, wouldn’t there have been many copies?  Would it not have been placed on a pedestal or some place of importance so that the people could see it and obey it?  After all, Moses had established the law many years before.  Surely, something as important as the book of God’s laws could never be forgotten by the temple and priests; or could they?  How could the temples to the God of Israel forget the book of God’s laws?  Would we forget the Bible?  

After the book of law reappeared, King Josiah destroyed the temples to Baal and the groves, and killed the priests who served foreign gods.  2 Ki. 23.  A great revival took place.  The temples were filled with people, the coffers were filled with gold and the priests and prophets experienced a new-found popularity and high status among the people.  But God was against it and allowed Babylon to destroy His city, the temples and the people of Judah.  “Notwithstanding the Lord turned not from the fierceness of His great wrath, wherewith His anger was kindled against Judah . . . .”  2 Ki. 23:26.  Why?

Why was the Lord upset?  Wasn’t there a great revival going on?  Were not the temples filled and prospering?  

Jeremiah, the prophet, lived during King Josiah’s reign.  He warned the people over and over again that it was a false revival and there was no peace and prosperity.  There was war!  Babylon was coming to destroy Judah!  But all the people hated Jeremiah for saying that.  They all wanted to kill him.  Jer. 26:8,11.  What was wrong with the revival?  For one thing, the prophets and priests taught the people that if they follow God, they would prosper, be blessed, and have a good life (peace).  Jer. 8:11.  “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”  Jer. 5:31.

In other words, neither the prophets nor the priests changed their ways.  Although the book of the law was found and King Josiah destroyed the strange religions in Judah, the book of the law was ignored.  The book of the law was only a stage prop for the prophets and priests to do their own thing.  They catered to the emotional and physical desires of the people and the people loved it.  They had no intention of obeying the book of  the law.

So it is today.  There are millions of copies of the Bible circulating among the body of Christ, but the prophets and priests continue to do their own thing.  They create their own doctrines, twist the scriptures and preach prosperity and peace.  They ignore the Holy Spirit and the spiritual war that is going on, by telling the people that Satan is defeated and the church is going to be raptured into the clouds to escape tribulation.  “Be a Christian and Jesus is going to bless you and give you everything you ever wanted in life.”  Most of our Christian leaders have no intention of obeying the Bible.  The Bible may be visible to all, but it is hardly ever obeyed.  It’s been twisted, distorted, added to and consigned to a place of relative unimportance.  It may as well be hidden in the basements of obscurity.

The Bible and the cross are only stage props to gather the people so that the televangelist and pastors can have more money for their personal enjoyment.  Huge mansions, expensive cars, even airplanes and boats are being purchased by our leaders to show the people “what God has in store for you.”  As a show of unity, most televangelists and prominent Christian leaders have endorsed the Pope’s Ecumenical Movement to form a one-world religion.  It is blasphemy!  

Yes, there will be a huge revival soon, but most of it is going to be false.  Almost every denomination and cult will enjoy an immense increase in numbers as they continue to entice the people with messages of peace and prosperity.  But in the end, God’s wrath will allow almost all of Christianity to be attacked and destroyed.  Babylon is coming!

The word “integrity” refers to “oneness,” “wholeness,” “honesty,” and “truth.”  God has not changed, His Word has not changed, and the Holy Spirit has not changed.  
We have changed.  Instead of clinging to God’s Word, we have changed His Word into man’s word.  We have changed the structure of the church, the doctrines and the truth.  

There is very little oneness, wholeness, honesty and truth in the body of Christ today.  “Integrity” now has a different meaning.  It now means, “tolerance, acceptance and compromise.”  The Word of God has very little importance in the life of the Church and in individual Christians.  It is  something to read about, talk about and discuss; but not to obey.

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