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Christians in Hell


By Dr. Richard Ing

July 10, 2007

            During the course of my 25 years as an elder (12 with Light of the World Missions) I have strived for purity of doctrine.  One of the finest moments of our existence was when sister Miser showed up early one Sunday morning about six years ago.  She had come to our Tuesday night sessions about a half-dozen times, although she belonged to another church.  I hadn’t seen her for over a year until that morning.  She walked in the door and said, “Hi, Pastor Ing!  Can I speak with you for a few minutes?”  I replied in the affirmative and we went into my office.  She said to me: “Pastor, I was praying on Friday morning (she is an intercessor) when the Lord spoke to me and said, “Light of the World Missions is a pure church.  It is not completely pure, but it is purer than most churches.  Go and tell Pastor Ing to encourage him.”

Some of our beliefs are not shared by other churches or Christians.  I was kicked out of a pastors’ unity organization because I believe that Christians can have demons.  I quickly learned that not all Christians want truth.  Truth can undermine what a person learned in seminary or Bible college and can go against the grain of his denomination.  But truth is worth fighting for.

Talking truth is not the same as walking truth.  Walking truly is a threat to earthly ambitions and enjoyment of life on earth.  You can refuse truth and knowledge and persecute those that hold firm to it, but the truth will not go away.  The truth is not affected by whether anyone believes in it.  It continues being the truth.

Despite what you see in other churches or what you personally believe in, the truth stands by itself.  It does not need to be defended.  You either obey it or you don’t.  Those who resist the truth, ignore or refuse to obey it may pay an awful price later. 

            One of those hard-to-accept truths was brought to mind by an article written by seven Columbian youths that visited hell.  Some of these youths testified about seeing many Christians in hell.  When they asked the Lord Jesus why this was so, the Lord replied that these were Christians that did not bear fruit.  They knew Him, but did not follow Him.

            There are many Christians that know about Jesus and were even baptized by water and the Spirit.  They have power and know many things, but they are so stuck and bound to the things of the world that they do not bear fruit for the kingdom of God.  As the Lord said, “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.  But in vain they do worship Me . . . .”  Mt. 15:8-9; Mk. 7:6. 


            Last week, Pastor Mauro and Fran gave me a book entitled Heaven is so Real!  The author of the book experienced going to both heaven and hell and her story is very similar to S. Heuton’s.  That’s why they gave the book to me.

            There is a chapter wherein Choo Nam Thomas, the Korean-American writer describes her visits to hell.  She saw people that looked very dejected and hopeless.  I now quote from pages 46-47:

“Who are these people, Lord?” I asked.

                        “They are disobedient ‘Christians.’”

            “How long will they have to stay in this barren, lifeless place?”

“Forever, My daughter.  The only ones who will enter My kingdom are the pure of heart – My obedient children.”

            He went on to explain: “Many who call themselves ‘Christians’ do not live by My Word, and some of them think that going to church once a week is enough.   They never read My words, and they pursue worldly things.  Some who even know My words never have their hearts with Me.”

            The whole plan and purpose of God was beginning to clarify in my thinking.  I remembered how Jesus had warned that it is hard to enter His kingdom, and now I had an inkling of what that meant.

            “My daughter, My Word says that it is hard to enter the kingdom of heaven, but so few really believe this and understand its importance.  I am revealing this to you so you can warn them,” He explained.

            Later, the Lord took Choo Nam Thomas to hell again.   She saw her mother, father, family members and friends suffering and screaming in hell.  The Lord explained that these were “good” people in many ways, but they never accepted Jesus.  Page 52.  Again, she saw many Christians in hell.  They were mostly men.  Jesus said that these were sinful Christians who never repented.  They were destined for the Lake of Fire.  Pg. 58.  

            Many Christians are still bound to the things of the flesh and the world.  They trust in their own abilities and have little faith in God.  Some are enjoying life, have great incomes and possessions, and are only marginal Christians that never gave their all for Christ.  They are in danger.  Some have never brought anyone to church nor tried to attend night sessions for years.  They do not bear fruit and think that because they tithe they are working for the kingdom of God.  Truth be told, tithes are only giving God back what belongs to Him anyway. 

            Jesus said further, “Choo Nam, I have prepared everything for My children.  I am in a hurry for everything because My kingdom has been ready for a long time, but so many of My children are not ready for Me, because they love the world too much.”  Pg. 65.

One can ignore scriptures about “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” (Mt. 6:33) and “Children, how hard it is for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God!  It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God, (Mk. 10:24-25), but, these truths will not go away. 

            True, some have more difficulties in life than others but thousands upon thousands of Christians in the past have had even greater and more problems and willingly went to become missionaries in foreign lands or laborers in the kingdom.  Hudson Taylor gave up a medical career to be a missionary in China.  He also gave up his fiancée and promise of wealth and notoriety.  David Livingstone gave up his medical career to live among the natives in the dense jungles of Africa.  He was the first white man to see Victoria Falls.  Roland and Heidi Baker have three young daughters, but became missionaries in Mozambique.  What excuses will we give the Lord when we are finally judged?   


             Some people never do anything because they think it is impossible to let go of jobs and sell everything they own to follow Jesus.  But God never told them to give up their jobs or sell everything.  God never tells us to do something that we are not capable of.  He never gives us trials and temptations that we cannot get out of.  1 Co. 10:13.  He usually starts us off with small things first:  Spend a little time in the morning praying, go to one mid-week session, donate a little more on Sunday, attend Bible studies early Sunday  morning, volunteer to clean up the church, help someone, read the Bible more. 

            When we obey and are later able to do bigger things, God may tell you to:  Spend a little time praying in the evening as well, go to two mid-week sessions instead of just one, donate even more, teach a class or give a lesson, etc.  We go from glory to glory, from one step to the next as we are conformed unto His image.  2 Co. 3:18.  Yes, there are Christians who are capable of making a quantum leap from a young age.  Hudson Taylor went to China as a missionary at 19 or 20 years of age and forsook a medical career.  But, God had already prepared his heart and he was able to do it.  His level of faith was already extraordinary.  God knows who is ready. 

To say that it is impossible to give up my job and sell my possessions, therefore, I’m not going to do anything – I’m not going to pray or attend any sessions except on Sunday morning, and I’m not going to give any more money or read the Bible or sacrifice time - is a misunderstanding of God’s ways.  For some, it is evidence of a rebellious heart.

The Lord Jesus sacrificed and suffered so much for you and me so that we could inherit the kingdom of God.  We owe Him all of our love and obedience.  The world has no future.  It has already been judged along with the present ruler of this world.  Jn. 16:11.  Laying up treasures in heaven is much more profitable.  Mt. 6:20.

Ask God to teach you obedience and faith step by step and not to give you anything that you cannot handle in your present situation.  You will be surprised how much you can actually  handle for the Lord.

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