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You Need To Make A Decision


By Dr. Richard Ing

November 25, 2003

            “Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.”  Joel 3:14.  Millions don’t even know that they are at a cross-roads and must make a decision which way to go.  The road has been a broad one for most so far, but now there is a fork in the road.  Which way should I go?  One path is narrow and the other one is wide.  No one can stand still and do nothing.  Doing nothing will be taken as choosing the broad road by default.  The indecisive will be pushed and shoved down the broad path.  The day of the Lord is near and time waits for no man. 

            There are only two roads to choose from.  The broad one leads to death; the narrow one to life.  Mt. 7:14.  False prophets abound and will prophesy and teach the sheep that God wants them to prosper and have a good life.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Mt. 7:15.  They want us to join them in a false walk built on selfishness and love for the things of the world.  That’s part of the broad road.  Those who are deceived will die.

            The true path has always been a hard one, filled with trials and sufferings. You will lose friends and even family.  The world will tolerate you for a while, but in the end will hate you.  You may lose possessions and wealth and be subject to ridicule.  But, you will be filled with love and you will know God and find life.  There is no other road to mount Zion. 


            In a recent newsletter from David Wilkerson, he points out that Moses was a friend of God, but he didn’t really know God at the beginning of his walk.  It took Moses over forty years to come to the place where he began to understand God’s ways.  He was once an arrogant young man who took things into his own hands by killing an Egyptian who was beating an Hebrew man.  He fled into the desert where he ended up on the other side of the mountain where he could not be easily found.  Moses eventually married Zipporah and became a shepherd.  What a fall!  He went from prince to shepherd where Moses became humble and meek after spending countless lonely hours tending sheep for forty years.  That’s a long time.  Nu. 12: 3. Shepherds are abominations to the Egyptians.  Gen. 46:34.Moses lost all his earthly ambitions and desires to be somebody.  Now God could use him.

            God began to reveal Himself to Moses through the marvelous miracles He performed in front of the Pharaoh of Egypt.  When God parted the Red Sea, Moses learned of God’s incredible power.  He learned about God’s forgiving heart and love for His people when Moses came down the mountain with the tablets that God gave him, containing the Ten Commandments.  When Moses saw the people dancing naked around a golden calf, he was filled with rage and broke the tablets.  But Moses came to know God’s heart when God forgave the people for worshiping other Gods and Moses for breaking the tablets.  Moses also began to know his own heart.  He found that he loved the people of Israel so much that he asked God to forgive the people and erase his name from God’s book. 

            The story of Moses is a tale of the revelation of who God is.  From the parting of the Red Sea to the temple in the wilderness and the ark of the covenant, God began to make known His mind and heart of love, forgiveness and mercy.  God also began to show us that He was a God of judgment, a God to be feared. 

            The point is, God is willing and wanting to give us knowledge of who He is, what is in His heart and how He responds to our cries. 

            God was so anxious to reveal Himself to His people that He instructed Moses how to build a tabernacle in the wilderness.  Every part of that tabernacle reveals something about God, down to the last detail.  But, it takes desire to find out what it is.  The ark of the testimony contained three things.  The pot of manna reveals God’s ability and desire to feed His people supernaturally; the tablets containing the ten commandments reveal His moral character; Aaron’s rod reveals God’s right to appoint His leaders and to anoint them.  Rebellion against God’s leaders is rebellion against God.

            The Bible says that “Jesus is the same yesterday, and today and forever.”  Heb. 13:8.  He hasn’t change and He never will.  He wants us to know who He is.  That is one of our greatest privileges - to know God.

            When God told Moses that he had great favor with God, Moses was quick to say, “Now, therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, show me now thy way, that I may find grace in thy sight . . . .”  Ex. 33:13.  “I beseech thee, show me thy glory.”  Ex. 33:18.  Moses could have asked for anything and God would have granted it.  But all Moses wanted was to know the Lord. 

            The greatest champions of God never wanted anything for themselves.   They never asked for riches or fame.  All they wanted was to know the Lord.  Their love and awe of God overshadowed everything.  The closer they drew to God, the more they knew Him. 


            Many Christians become stagnant in their walk with God.  Perhaps that is the reason God said, “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed: . . . .”  Amos 9:13.  Those who come in last shall be before those who came in early.  Christians who are new converts will overtake and become more mature than those who were converted many years prior. 

            One of the reasons is, we have been conditioned to believe that where we are is the highest level of being a Christian, that we have already arrived.  We look around us at other Christians and we compare ourselves with our contemporaries.  The problem is that our contemporaries are far below where God wants us to be.  We have no one to compare ourselves to except those that we read about, but books do not tell you what you need to know.

            Another reason is that most Christians do not want to draw closer to God.  They would rather know God at a distance.  That’s because they really don’t want to change.  Mankind loves sin and knowing God means that they must give up all sin.  They do not want to be convicted of sin.  Therefore, they put God in a convenient pigeon-hole where they can control circumstances and not be restrained in fulfilling their carnal desires.


            The first step is to know your own heart..  Do you truly love God? Or do you love Self more?  When we are in love with someone, we want to know everything about that person.  So it is with loving God.  If we are truly in love with Him, we would want to know everything about Him.  Moses wanted to see God’s glory.  David wanted to know the Lord.  Paul’s one desire was to know Christ.

            In Philippians 3:4-7, Paul explained that before he became a Christian, he had everything to live for - fame, money, zeal and position.  But, when he became a Christian, he counted all these things as dung and walked away from them. 

                        Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, and be found in Him . .  That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death; . . . .  Phil. 3:8,9,10.  (underlining added)

            Yes, some of us know something about God.  We have visions, dreams and prophecies sometimes.  But, there is far more to God than that.  Do we know His mind or His heart?  Do we know His power?  We can read about Him, but it is not the same as knowing Him directly.  There are countless things about God that only an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord will reveal.  Most Christians worship God from afar.  The Lord Jesus wants us to walk with Him, talk with Him and abide in Him. 

            How much do you love God?


            All the knowledge about deliverance, inner healing, prophecy, etc., are nothing compared to knowing and loving God intimately.  Knowledge puffeth up.  Only God can change our hearts and only a close relationship with Him can complete the job.

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