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The Frog


By Dr. Richard Ing

March 23, 2004


            Deception in the end times will be so cunning that “if it were possible, it will deceive the very elect.”  Mt. 24:24.  In the Book entitled Frog in a Kettle, the author speaks about a deception so gradual that before you know it, you are caught in the web of deceit and it will be too late.  Put a frog in hot water, and he will instantly feel it and jump out of harm’s way.  But, put it in cold water and turn the heat on gradually and the frog’s nervous system will not detect the subtle temperature changes.  Before he realizes it, he is cooked.  That’s Satan’s strategy. 

            In anxious times, some are keenly aware of danger and will react to defend themselves.  Others will continue to slumber.  Those who sleep may die if the danger becomes reality.  Some have a high level of survival instinct; some have none.  If meteorologists announce that a super-hurricane is approaching, some will prepare for it while others will not, whatever their reasons.  Survival instincts will kick in for some and will move them; for others, they will do nothing.  Whether the hurricane actually hits is irrelevant. 

            Just before we returned from the Philippines on March 7, newspapers related the sad story of a young, beautiful actress who died in an automobile accident.  She and her crew had been shooting commercials in one of the provinces and were on their way back to Manila.  They left after midnight in order to avoid the horrendous traffic.  The actress was asleep in the middle of the front seat while the others were awake.  The driver missed a curve in the road and crashed into a house.  Those who were awake were able to somehow protect themselves and they survived.  The sleeping actress was fast asleep and never knew what happened.  The sudden impact broke her neck and she died.  Perhaps had she been awake, she would not have died.

            There is a sudden curve in the road ahead and the church is fast asleep.  Satan’s deceptions have been so gradual that we are unaware of the danger ahead.  Even after much talk about the end of the world and tribulation soon to come, there are many saints who either don’t believe it or will not prepare for it.  The frog is in the kettle.

            One of Satan’s deceptions is the Pre-tribulation Rapture Doctrine.  Those who believe in it (at least 50% of Christians) will be asleep, falsely secure in their faith that God will not allow them to be destroyed and therefore, they have nothing to worry about. The tribulation is for others, not them. Many who don’t believe in that doctrine are also still asleep.  Some don’t want to believe that the end of the age is approaching.  They are too bound to the pleasures and pursuits of the world.


            Arlene recently had a dream in which she found herself driving her car towards town, almost at the top of the hill on Auwaiolimu Street that comes from Roosevelt High School and goes up towards the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl and through the cemeteries on both sides of the road as you head towards Lusitana Street.  As she reached the top, dark clouds suddenly covered her car and it became pitch black.  She could not stop driving and she was blinded.  As she tried to steer, she could sense steep cliffs to her left.  She began to cry out to Jesus and do spiritual warfare.  Suddenly, she found herself in Waipahu in bright and clear sunlight.  But, as she looked to the horizon, she saw thick, black storm clouds gathering and starting to move rapidly towards Waipahu.

            There is a storm coming. “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion,  and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand; a day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, . . . .”  Joel 2:2.  God wants us to blow the trumpet.  This is not a time to be sleeping.  It’s time to wake up!  The cemeteries in her dream remind us that many will sleep and die.  It is a time for the army of God to stand up and start fighting.  When Arlene rebuked spirits and claimed the blood of Jesus, she suddenly found herself in Waipahu where the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  Waipahu is where many Filipinos live.  It speaks of both the Philippines and Filipinos around the world.  There are two things - first, the Philippines will be a safe haven for a while, but storm clouds are already gathering and will hit even the Philippines eventually.  Second, there will be a revival in the Philippines and everywhere Filipinos live.  Then the end will come.  Perhaps God is saying that the Philippines is where we need to be in the Spirit.


            Just because you are in this church doesn’t mean that you’re a worthy soldier for God.  An army is comprised of many different kinds of soldiers - big, small, tall, short, thin, fat and so forth.  But the one thing that will separate the sheep from the goats is the heart.  You can talk like a soldier, walk like a soldier and dress like a soldier, but whether you are a soldier is determined by what is in your heart.  Do you have the heart of a soldier?  Are you willing to fight to the death for your cause?

            I was impressed by an article written by Donald Rumsfeld in yesterday‘s Honolulu Advertiser.  He was being interviewed in South Korea by a reporter who was too young to remember the Korean Conflict that America fought in the late 1940’s.  She asked, “Why should Koreans send their young people halfway around the globe to be killed or wounded in Iraq?”  He asked the woman to look out the window at the lights, the cars, the energy of the vibrant economy of South Korea.  He told her about a satellite photo of the Korean peninsular taken at night.  On the north side there was nothing but a pinprick of light in the capital city of North Korea.  On the South Korea side, the place was ablaze in light - the light of freedom.  Over 33,000 Americans gave their lives so that South Korea could have democracy and freedom.

            When my wife and I visited Korea back in the early 70’s, people would thank us profusely for what America did for South Korea - from the tour bus guide to the waitress in the hotel restaurant.  Today, a new generation has emerged who have not been taught about the bravery and dedication of the American military in Korea on behalf of a strange people half way around the globe.  This new generation has been made selfish and self-centered by the many freedoms and prosperity the world now offers.  They have forgotten that people died so that they could have those freedoms.

            So it is with the Church.  Many Christians over the centuries that we never knew and perhaps half way around the globe have died so you and I could be saved one day.  Many have been martyred for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the sake of salvation in this generation.  Now, the baton has been passed to us.  Have we forgotten? Will we respond or will we sleep?

            Imagine that you are a young man in a time when your country and family are being threatened by an enemy who is already at the borders.  The adversary is well-equipped and his army is huge.  By all odds, there is no way he can be defeated.  The enemy is known to take no prisoners.  He will kill all who stand in his way and will rape your wives and daughters and kill or enslave your children.  You are now being asked to leave everything behind, lay your life on the line and join the army to fight against this enemy that has never been defeated up until the present time.  You know that you may never come back alive and even if you do, you may be maimed for life.  You have a few other choices.  You can ignore the threat, refuse to fight, hide in the hills or you can pretend that you are unhealthy.  But, one thing is sure - the enemy is coming!  What will you do?

            Millions have answered the call to duty in the past.  When I visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., and the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial across the street, I realized for the first time the impact America has had on the world.  Hundreds of thousands of our young men and women have laid their lives down to bring freedom and democracy to the world.  America is the one, singular country in the entire world that has answered each and every call to battle against tyranny.  World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, you name it.  In the beginning, only America was a democracy.  Now, millions enjoy freedom and democracy because Americans have stood up in the name of liberty and the dignity of mankind and been willing to die for what they believe in.  For generations, Americans have found that democracy and human freedoms are worth living for and dying for.  That is our legacy.

            Granted, we have had our anti-war demonstrations and deserters, but for the most part, America has fought for what it believes.  We have not always been right or righteous, but we try.

            Today, we have an enemy bent on destroying the church and everything it stands for.  Satan has been working covertly to destroy the testimony of the church and of Jesus Christ, the head.  He has twisted the Bible, caused churches to approve of homosexuality and lesbianism.  He has deceived the churches into believing that Jesus is only a man, that Christianity is a philosophy and a morale code only, that the Holy Spirit does not exist, that Satan is only a myth and that mankind can solve all the problems of the world by forming a one-world government and a one-world religion.  He is almost ready to snap the trap doors shut on the church.  But, God is stirring up something within a few of His people who will reject the deceptions of false prophets and Christs and who will stand up, take up arms and begin to fight against all odds. 

            Is worldwide revival and harvest something worth fighting for?  Is standing in the way of Satan and blocking his attempts to destroy the church worth dying for?  Are saving millions from falling into hell worth dying for?  Is revival and harvest worth fighting for?  Are our beliefs in Jesus worth sacrificing our lives for?  Is ignoring the threat or hiding on the sidelines in your heart?  Or is there a little bit of belief, courage and selflessness left?  Is the legacy of the Church still in our hearts?  A great cloud of witnesses is looking down upon us.  They are those who laid down their lives so that we could find salvation many years and generations after they went on to glory.

            Jesus said, “Enter ye in at the strait (narrow) gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat; because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”  Mt. 7:13,14.  The gate and the way is even more narrow today.  Choose which gate you will enter in and which path you will take.
What’s in your heart? 

            Blow the trumpet in Zion

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