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Recent Visions


By Dr. Richard Ing

September 21, 2004


Dear Saints,

            It’s two o’clock in the morning and I’m at my computer.  Couldn’t sleep thinking about the six visions that came to mind in the last few days - two old and four new.  A week ago, I came across visions on my computer that Arlene and Al had two years ago.  Arlene had been praying, “O Lord, how come our church does not grow?”  Suddenly, God showed her a picture of Moses holding up his rod of authority as Israel warred against the Amaleks.   So long as he held the rod up high, Israel prevailed.  But when he got tired and his arms began to drop, the Amaleks began to win.  After a while, two men put a rock under Moses so he could sit down and the two men helped hold up Moses’ arms.  In the end, Israel won the victory.  Arlene wept because she got it that no one was helping me.  It hasn’t change much.

            Al had a vision in which he saw a soldier on a large white horse running around, trying to rally the troops to battle.  As he galloped toward the crowd, it divided and the horse and rider would disappear in the middle of the crowd.  The crowd would part as he galloped out, then would come together again, but the crowd would not change from its original form.  No one followed.  He felt that it was me on the white horse.  No one else wanted to go to battle.

            Last Thursday (Sept. 16), Karen had a vision in which she was looking down over a desert.  Sand was blowing everywhere and it was dark.  The people in the middle of the sand storm had turbans on their heads and their eyes were covered to protect against the flying sand.  There was a man in a lighter-colored outfit trying to gather the people and lead them out.  No one appeared to follow him. 

            The members are being blinded by Satan and they intentionally cover their own spiritual eyes because they don’t want to see.  If they see and understand, they may have to follow.  Although the man tried hard to guide them out of the storm and show them the right way, they refused to follow.

            On the same night, Reuben saw a man and a donkey going up a hill.  The problem was that the man was off the donkey and the donkey was trying to pull the man up the hill.  The man was resisting.

            What came to my mind was that nobody is really listening and following what I have to say.  I have no armor bearers or people to help with the task of fighting the enemy - no one to hold my arms up and fight side by side with me.  The help I get is very small compared to what is needed to wage war against the kingdom of darkness.  We are about to go into battle and I am on a white horse, but nobody else has a horse and every time I try to rally the troops for battle, they divide and move aside, but nobody follows.

            In Reuben’s vision, I am the donkey/servant that God has sent to help carry the people up the hill to a higher level with God, but the people resist and refuse to move forward and upward.  They would rather jump off and go back down.  I am willing to carry everyone on my back, but people resist.

            In service this past Sunday,  Al had a vision in which he saw a Chinese man balancing whirling plates on sticks, like troupes of acrobats from mainland China do.  In the beginning, the plates were spinning nicely, but after a while, the man began to tire and the plates began to warble as his arms became heavy.  Suddenly, another man appeared and began to help the first man by taking over the spinning of some of the plates.

            In his second vision, Al saw an ear of corn.  When he shucked the ear of its outside layers of leaves, he saw beautiful, plump and even kernels of corn.  He then saw another ear of corn that looked the same as the first.  But, when he shucked the covering off the second ear of corn, all he found was black, rotten kernels with maggots.  He took another ear of corn and then another.  But the next two were just as bad.

            Al’s first vision is me, a Chinese man, trying to carry the show.  In the beginning, everything is good with balancing the plates, but as time went on, I got tired and the plates began to warble.  But alleluia!  Someone came to help carry some of the burdens and the show went on.  I pray and believe that some day someone in this church will step forward and share some of the burdens.  This vision is similar to Arlene’s vision about Moses.

            Al’s second vision confirmed my sermon for that very day.  God gave me a message about seed (the word) being sowed and some seed was stolen away by the fowls of the air.  Others fell on stony ground and took root, but it was only shallow and when the hot sun fell on them, they withered and died.  Still others fell amongst thorns and thistles and were choked. The fourth fell on fertile soil and bore fruit – thirty-fold, sixty-fold and hundred-fold.   This parable applies to us - already converted Christians.  Most are in the third category - amongst the thorns and thistles.  Jesus explained that the thorns were the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lusts of the world.

            No matter how much of the word you hear, no matter who the teacher is, if you have not yet crossed over the bridge of faith into the area of trust in the Lord for all your needs, you cannot bear fruit.  Fruit comes through trust in the Lord evidenced by an abiding in Him.  God cannot use you much unless your heart is fully yielded to the Lord.  Too many of us are still clinging onto the world and still have more faith in our own abilities and talents to meet our needs - financial and otherwise.  We are satisfied with the tidbits of limited anointing and spiritual experiences with God.  Others are stuck in their hobbies, jobs and other worldly pursuits.  They are afraid of going all the way with God because they do not trust God for their welfare.   Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.   Truth is, we don’t trust God.  We have little faith.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God.  Heb. 11:6.

            Most of the people in this church are not able to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.  The evidence is found in the fact that hardly anyone has brought others into this church in the last ten years.  When I went through past church telephone directories, I found that my wife and I had brought in over 85% of the members, either directly or indirectly.  No one else seems interested enough.  We camouflage our lack of faith by doing occasional good works, although even that area is mostly neglected.  While some members occasionally share the word, it is mostly accidental rather than intentional and planned.  Reality is that most of us are useless to the kingdom of God and disobedient.

            God has been warning us over and over again, like He did to Israel and Judah in the days of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc.  We are being set up for judgment.  There will be a point in time when He either:  (1) gives up on us; (2) does something drastic that will force us to give up the things of the world and to follow the vision He has given this church; or (3) judges us. 

            As for myself, I really don’t care if you follow me for my sake.  I am not into control and manipulation and I do not crave recognition and fame.  I am not into having a big church.  I can’t even handle the few I have.  All I want to do is obey the Lord.  I care that you follow and obey for God’s sake and for your own self.  I care that you become a mature son or daughter of God and that we fulfill God’s eternal purposes.


Pastor Richard

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