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By Dr. Richard B.W Ing

March 22, 2002


In these end times, deception will be everywhere.  As Jesus said, there will be many false prophets and false Christs in our day.  “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.”  Mt. 24:11.  The word “prophets” is actually interpreted to mean “teachers.”  “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”  Mt. 24:24. 

Deception will be so subtle that it will be extremely difficult to avoid.  Avoiding deception will be vital in these end times because the deception is calculated to cause us to become weak, undivided, unprepared and lukewarm.  Multitudes are already deceived.

Well-meaning Christians compromise the Word all the time to suit their own purposes and many false teachers have introduced phony doctrines of prosperity, Manifest Sons of God, Dispensationalism, Latter Rain, Holiness, Third Wave, Laughter, etc.  Multitudes have already joined the Ecumenical Movement of the Roman Catholic Church that seeks to create a one-world religion by compromising with and incorporating other religions.  Millions have already been led astray.

For centuries, Satan has successfully injected false doctrines that have cut out the Holy Spirit and emasculated the churches.  If a man must be born of water and of the Spirit to enter into the kingdom of God, millions upon millions have been deceived into thinking that they will go to heaven, but they will find themselves in hell.  Dr. Rebecca Brown claims that some denominations have not saved anyone in 400 years.  In fact, they make it impossible for one to be saved.  If that is true, many Christians are going to be shocked!  Sadly, it will be too late.


Satan is even more subtle.  In a book entitled Hell’s Best Kept Secret, the author, Ray Comfort, states that Satan is happy to let us play church and entertain ourselves with religion, so long as we don’t take the Gospel to others and bring people into the kingdom of God.  We have become ineffective and useless saints who are so self-centered that we are no threat to Satan’s kingdom and Jesus’ command to take the Gospel to all nations is of no effect.  Therefore, Satan allows churches to grow and be filled with many milk-drinking Christians who think that they are successful and please God.  (This probably describes the Laodicean church in Revelation 3:14-22.)  He is not worried.  This is great deception. 

There is another great deception that is even more subtle.  Even if the saints  evangelize and bring many people into the church, Satan is not overly concerned.  All the revivals in history never threatened Satan’s reign on earth.  So long as he remains the prince of the power of the air (Eph. 2:2) and his kingdom on earth is not threatened, he would gladly give up a few million.  It is estimated that the great Welsh Revival brought in less than 180,000 converts and the Azusa Street Revival brought in only 250,000.  When you consider the billions of people on earth, it is “peanuts.”  Satan laughs.  He still rules the world.


Evangelism alone will not kick Satan off his throne.  All our efforts at evangelism will fail to unseat the Devil or even bring Holy Spirit revival.  We can have a thousand crusade teams and it would not bring Satan down.  Even Reinhardt Bonnke, who has millions come to his crusade meetings, cannot do it.  Watchman Nee, in his book entitled The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation says,

         If Christians view as their greatest responsibility on earth the saving of people for their souls, then they have failed to accomplish the highest will of God.  They ought to realize that they have a responsibility even greater than the saving of souls: that they are to bring this age to an end and bring in the kingdom of God.  Their highest responsibility is to witness the destruction of God's archenemy Satan and all his powers of darkness." (Page 159)

We need to keep our focus.  The main responsibility of the Church is to destroy the demonic kingdom and all of Satan’s powers of darkness so Jesus can come back to usher in the millennium age.  While saving of souls is good, it is not the highest and greatest responsibility of the church.  God’s highest will is that His people fight against and prevail against the kingdom of darkness in the end.  Da. 7:18, 22, 27. That’s us.

There are all kinds of Christians, but the most powerful Christians are not those who can evangelize or even heal a few people.  The most powerful Christians are those who can challenge Satan’s demons and kick them out of the mid-heavens and out of people.  They are the ones designated by God to be in His mighty army of the end times.      Do not be deceived.  Satan will try to detour us and get us excited so that we will go out and evangelize.  That is good; but if we lose our focus and fail to challenge, confront and destroy Satan‘s kingdom of darkness, we will fall short of the great calling God has given us.  Let’s be clear - we are constantly under demonic attack and one of the strategies of Satan is to get us busy doing things that make us forget to do spiritual warfare against his kingdom.  We need to get our priorities right.


When God said that our church would spark a revival and unite the churches, He knew that this last and greatest revival must bring Satan down from off his throne.  Rev. 12:7-10.  Only then could we have a worldwide revival.  Rev. 14:6.  Satan knows the Bible too.  He knows what the Book of Revelation says about his demise and he is going to fight back with all of his might to prevent this last and greatest revival.  Past revivals/harvests have brought hundreds of thousands of people into the kingdom of God, but this last revival/harvest is going to topple Satan’s kingdom.  It will be no ordinary revival.

God is raising up a remnant to engage Satan’s kingdom and bring it down.  Michael and his angels will do the fighting in the mid-heavens (Rev. 12:7-10), but it is going to be fueled by the prayers of the saints and the warfare they will engage in on earth.  We will fight side by side.  The same is true with Matthew 24:14 and Rev. 14:6.  The angel will have the job of taking the gospel to all nations, kindreds and peoples, but it will be the saints who will be empowered to do the job on earth.

Jesus will not come back until all His enemies are made His footstool (are destroyed).  1 Co. 15:25-26; Ac. 34-35; Heb. 10:12-13.  He is going to remain at the right hand of the Father in heaven until this is accomplished by His saints on earth.  That is one of the reasons why Pre-tribulation Rapture will not take place.  Jesus is waiting for His Church to bring Satan’s kingdom down.  Then He will return and His armies will complete the job.  Rev. 19:14-21.  All of these scriptures speak of warfare against Satan’s kingdom.  If we are to be God’s army for the end times, we need to fight.


We went to the Philippines in February this year with a team to teach about the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare/deliverance.  What took place was life-changing for many students.  The students learned many things in Bible College, but it wasn’t until they received deliverance that the power of God was let loose in their lives.

In Montalban, we gave a spiritual warfare seminar.  The spirits in the area were bound up and defeated.  Many demons fled.  While praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a good number of people fell to the ground shaking and screaming as demons manifested and came out.  We were not even intending to cast out devils.  The very presence of God and His angels caused evil spirits to tremble and flee.  There were many angels in the place.  Pastora Lorna saw an angel.  Both Jo-Jo and Sister Bea took photographs in which spinning wheels of light were seen in several photos taken of the crusade meetings and at the Bible College.  The team deliverance practice was strong.

One week later, in Cavite, we ministered at Pastor Into’s church.  Once again, the anointing was strong and many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and several members related to our team that they saw many angels in the church that morning.  They didn’t say one or two.  They said, “Many!” 

Our anointing is to destroy the demonic kingdom.  We are the army of God!  We can never forget that.


Our job is to be the army of God, spark a revival and unite the churches.  These three things are not exclusive of one another.  They go together.  This last revival will require intense spiritual warfare because Satan is going to resist it with all his might.  He knows that this revival/harvest is going to mean the end of his reign on earth and he will be thrown into the bottomless pit.  Rev. 20:1-3.  That is why the army is needed.  Not all the churches will respond and, in fact, many will resist and fall away.  But, the chosen remnant will be united as never before.


In order to avoid deception, we need to be clear as to what God wants us to do and how to attain it.  For that reason, I have listed what I believe should be our priorities.

  • Spiritual warfare and deliverance.
  •              Army of God
  •              Maturity in the Spirit
  • Sparking a revival.
  •              Seminars on spiritual warfare - teaching the army
  •              Intercessory prayer - engaging the enemy
  •             Vocational training - empowering the churches
  • Evangelism.
  •              Church growth - increasing numbers in each church
  •              Planting churches - increasing the number of churches
  •              Planting Bible colleges and five-fold ministry - training pastors
  •              Networking - uniting and
  •              Training crusade teams - the need to create five-fold teams
  • Preparing for tribulation.      


Spiritual warfare must be the most important activity for our churches and Bible College.  There are no other churches we know of both in Hawaii and the Philippines that have been appointed and anointed by God to teach the army of God, be the army and who are actually doing it.  That is not to say that there are none, but we haven’t found any yet.  In all of our seminars and many of our crusades and services, many angels have been seen by the people present.  Angels are assigned by God and their presence confirms our identity and job.  We have definitely been called by God to be in His end time army, to teach spiritual warfare and to confront and destroy the demonic kingdom.  It does not mean that we are better than others; it means that we have been called to do a certain job.  Walking around with heads as large as pumpkins is not very wise or good.

The heavy concentration of angels in the Philippines indicates that it is God’s will that we teach the subject and do deliverance.  This has got to be our biggest goal and vision.  Teaching spiritual warfare, deliverance and inner healing, is clearly God’s will for us.  We did not choose to do it.  God chose it.  Even our crusades are visited by angels, although this is not our primary thrust.  We need to be careful not to be distracted and diverted from our task and responsibilities.  As Watchman Nee says, “Their (Our) highest responsibility is to witness the destruction of God's archenemy Satan and all his powers of darkness."

Army of God

While crusades, evangelism, church planting and training pastors is good, it is not our primary work for God at this point in time.  Many churches can do the same thing, given the money, but not many churches can train God’s army and be God’s army in the Philippines and in Hawaii.  Satan would desire to sidetrack us by getting us involved in activities that take away from our main responsibility of destroying his kingdom.  He hates us because we have been given special protection and favor from God.  He knows that we are a huge threat to him and the more saints we teach, the closer he gets to his end.

Perhaps we need to reach up higher and instead of teaching a few saints - 50 at a time - we need to do a large convention/seminar type session in each region.  We can rent a large hall for up to 300 to 500 people and ask the church leaders to help with it.  If we can put together large crusades, we can put together large boot camps in the Philippines.  We have many qualified team members to help.  We can also bring teams from Hawaii.

Last year, we began teaching how to pray repentance, break curses over the Philippines and bind up ruler spirits.  More and more I think this is important.  We will never have revival without this.  This should be incorporated into our seminars.

Maturity in the Spirit

In order to be in the army, it is necessary to become mature in the Spirit, with full understanding of spiritual warfare, deliverance, inner healing as well as the Word.  We are called to be overcomers who overcome him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, the Word of our testimony, and who love not our lives unto the death.  Rev. 12:11.  God’s army is a group of overcomers - mature sons and daughters of God who will destroy Satan’s kingdom.

Maturity involves not only gifts but the fruit of the Spirit, especially love, loyalty, diligence, submission, humility and obedience.  However, spiritual warfare and deliverance are part of our training since all saints are called to be soldiers of Jesus Christ.  2 Ti. 2:3-4.

There is no substitute for prayer and seeking God.  As we draw closer to Him, He will draw nigh unto us.  It is on our knees that we grow into spiritual maturity.  We should be praying daily and without ceasing.


We have been called by God to spark a revival in the Philippines.  When an angel appeared in Tucalana along with a vision of harvest, we knew that God wanted us to spark a revival in the Philippines.  Many visions of fires being set in various places in the Philippines and then spreading all over the Philippines and jumping over to different countries were received by our members and others.  We should burn it in our hearts that we have been called to spark that revival and spiritual warfare is necessary because Satan will resist with all he has. 

In a sense, Revelation 12:7-10 is what we need.  We should be praying that God will send Michael and his angels to fight for us over the Philippines and over the earth.

Seminars on spiritual warfare - teaching the army

This last and greatest revival/harvest of all time is different from all other previous revivals.  This one will mark the end of Satan’s reign on earth.  He knows that right following revival, he will be thrown to earth and lose his kingdom.  That is why spiritual warfare is important and that is also why God chose us to do it. 

Intercessory prayer of repentance

We need to focus on teaching the churches how to repent in order to break the curses over the people and then bind up the ruler spirits over the Philippines.  Then we will have revival.  That follows the pattern in Daniel 9.  Without widespread repentance, Satan’s ruling spirits cannot be bound because of the curses.  Coming together to pray will bring unity.  Again, each element is important in our battle against the powers of darkness.  However, each element must be properly emphasized in terms of priority and timing.

Vocational training

Vocational training is important because the body of Christ needs to be empowered.  The money for the revival will come from within the Philippines.   This, however, is not as important as training the army in spiritual warfare and getting the churches to come together to pray repentance and later, to bind up ruler spirits.  Without these prayers, all the vocational training will not spark a revival.

Satan is also fighting this movement because he wants the churches in the Philippines to be weak financially.  Without money, there is no political or social power in the sense that many activities are slowed down or eliminated for lack of money.  Crusades and other programs are impossible.  What would happen if a small church of 30 saints suddenly have 500 at their doorstep wanting prayer and teachings?  Without money, there would not be room even to accommodate any more than they already have.

I believe that Satan puts spirits of hopelessness in the Filipinos so that they are not encouraged to make soap or any other thing.  How is it that the Chinese who were not even there when we introduced the subject of making soap in Dagupan, started to call me in Honolulu and the mission house in Santa Rosa, asking for the soap formulas and instructions?  They were very excited at making soap while the Filipinos were not interested.  

We are being resisted in this area by the demonic kingdom also.  But this resistance also tells me that we are on the right tract.


Church growth - increasing numbers in  each church

There are several positions to take regarding the importance of evangelism.  In one sense, we are all called to evangelize - to preach the gospel to all creatures.  However, it cannot become our main thrust.  Evangelism takes a second seat to defeating the demonic kingdom so Jesus can come back to usher in the millennium age.  This is not to say that we should not evangelize.  We need to increase the numbers in our churches steadily, but not at the expense of spiritual warfare and sparking a revival.  Already, we have a number of people who want to support students and new churches. 

Planting churches

Again, planting churches is important, but our main job is to be the army of God and spark a revival.  Planting churches must be part of the plan, but not the plan.  We need to make steady progress in this area for several reasons.  For one thing, we have financial supporters in Australia and Hawaii who would gladly participate in church planting.  We need to show progress in order to keep them excited. 

Secondly, we are praying that God will stay His hand of judgment on America because there are righteous men and women who are involved in supporting revival and planting of churches in Third World countries such as the Philippines.

Planting Bible colleges

Planting Bible colleges and training centers is similar in terms of priority.  Planting churches, Bible colleges and training centers will not spark a Holy Spirit revival.  Only prayers of repentance, intercession and binding up the strongmen can do that.  A hundred Bible colleges and a thousand new churches will not do it either.  However, planting Bible colleges is important because we need many pastors and five-fold ministry in a revival.  It serves to bring unity of vision, doctrines, etc.  We are not trying to form a denomination.  We are attempting to bring God’s true church together.


Networking is part of the plan but not the entire plan.  It is only a small part of it.  We need to pray and ask God where He wants us to plant the next mission house and Bible college.  We need a bigger presence in the Philippines so that church leaders can rally to those places.  Paul had Antioch and Peter had Jerusalem, out of which they and other apostles operated and gathered.

Training crusade teams

A hundred crusade teams cannot bring Holy Spirit revival.  It is only part of the total plan, but secondary compared to teaching the army of God and praying for revival.


Tribulation will come on the heels of revival and perhaps during revival.  Therefore, we need to prepare for it.  The only way to really prepare for tribulation is to become mature in Jesus Christ.  All our physical preparations can carry us only so far, although we need to at least prepare the basics.

God has been speaking to me and several other members about deception this past week.  As I pondered over that word, the above thoughts came to me.  We cannot afford to be sidetracked.  While we need to be humble at all times, we also need to realize that God is serious about our vision and mission.  It is not that we are better than others.  It is because of God’s grace.  He has the right to choose and none of us is worthy, but Jesus is worthy.  All of us have different roles to play and each of us tend to emphasize our gifting and vision.  What we need is to prioritize and know when each part comes into play. 

I believe that we are the army, or at least part of the army in the Philippines and Hawaii.  We have been commanded to teach the army and then to spark a revival. Somewhere along the line, God’s true church must begin to travail, pained to be delivered. Rev. 12:2.  A revival will come if we obey God; but along with revival will come tribulation.  Even as the tares are growing into maturity, and darkness covers the earth, the wheat are also maturing.  The battle must begin with us in the Philippines.  Make no mistake, we are in the middle of a war. 

Sister Arlene had a vision three nights ago of driving a car by Punchbowl on the Ewa side.  She was at the top of the hill when she saw a storm coming and suddenly it became so dark she could not see anything.  It was pitch black.  She couldn’t stop driving down the mountain and she sensed steep cliffs on her left side, although she could not see the cliffs.  She began to desperately cry out to Jesus and do spiritual warfare, binding up evil spirits.  Suddenly, she found herself in Waipahu in clear, blue skies.  But, in the horizon, she could see storm clouds already coming rapidly towards Waipahu.  She had a similar vision two nights later.

My interpretation is that complete darkness is about to cover the earth in the spiritual realm and may already be here.  Deception is everywhere.  Without spiritual warfare and a closeness to Jesus, we will fall over the cliff and perish.  We have no choice but to keep on going forth, because we cannot stop what is coming.  Many Christians will fall during the end times.  2 Th. 2:3.  But when Arlene bound up spirits and did spiritual warfare, she found herself in Waipahu.  Waipahu is where most of the Filipinos live in Hawaii.  This speaks of light and truth and also revival among the Filipinos and it will take spiritual warfare to do it.  Soon after or during revival, however, tribulation will come and darkness will cover the earth once more.  There will be only a small window of opportunity and revival for a short period of time - perhaps only a few years and then persecution and destruction will come to the church and world.  But, a few saints will make it through.  Rev. 12.

I believe that our role is to help spark the revival and once it starts, nothing can stop it.  I was watching a TV drama last week and in the movie a righteous young man began to fight against tyranny.  He was exceedingly loyal to the king, but the king was not strong and war lords and other politically powerful men were manipulating him and using their power to tax the people and steal away their lands.  The young man was instrumental in helping the peasants and soon the peasants began to fight back against the government and the king.  The young man was very troubled because he was loyal to his king although he deeply desired to help the poor.  Since the peasants were already chanting his name, he was perceived as a traitor by the king.  He sought the advice of a wise man.  “What am I to do?” he asked, “If I help the poor, I will be seen as a traitor; but, if I stand with the king, I would have to fight against the poor.”  The wise man answered, “You should just retire from the scene.  The fires of revolution have already been lit among the peasants all over the country.  No one and nothing can stop those fires from spreading now.  You have already done your job.”  The king in the drama is the church.  Many will perceive us as traitors because we will not go along with most churches today, including the Ecumenical Movement; but they are the traitors not us.

As I listened, it quickened to my heart that my role is to light the fires and then move on.  That is why I have been receiving invitations to other countries and offers to work in another capacity that involves going to other countries.  God is already setting the stage for my next task.  My job in the Philippines is to prepare for revival, light the fires and once the fires start, to move on.  I am not called to evangelize as a priority at this time.

Right now, our team which includes Pastor Mauro and I, are called to light the fires of revival and prepare the people.  Pastor Mauro is the one who is called to evangelize and convert as many as he can once revival starts.  I am called to ignite fires elsewhere in the world once revival commences.  That is why Pastor Mauro’s vision and mission is slightly different from mine; but only different after revival begins.  Together we will spark a revival; but once revival starts we will go separate ways because that is God’s plan.  Pastor Mauro’s time will come and he will be instrumental in the Philippines.  Right now, however, our priorities are spiritual warfare and revival.  Later, it will be evangelism.  Let us not be deceived, confused and divided.  Let us be one in vision and heart.

With God’s grace and mercy, we can do all things through Christ Jesus who loved us.

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