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Practice Hearing From God


I was impressed in my heart tonight with the need to grow stronger in the Lord.  Memories of times when I ministered regarding hearing from God in prophecy, word of knowledge or wisdom and waiting to heart His still, small voice came to mind.  In the Philippines and other places, I would break the people into groups of four or five.  If possible, the members of each group should not know each other well.  Of course, this is not always possible.  The group would start praying silently and asking God for prophecy, word of knowledge or wisdom and to hear from the Holy Spirit.  After a while, I would ask for someone in the group to be "number one."  After someone volunteers, the one to his/her right would be "number two" and so forth until everyone had a number.  Then I would designate one of the numbers to be the first to say something about the person to his/her left or right.  It could be a prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom or anything that the Holy Spirit put into their heart and mind.  I would ask the person to relax and be spontaneous and speak with faith whatever comes to mind and not try to force it.  It didn't matter if it doesn't make sense.  Just speak it.  At first, the people would be hesitant, but after a while, they would be amazed at the accuracy of what was said or received.  Some had visions, others just saw an object such as a pair of shoes, still others had a word of knowledge or wisdom.  I recall that a group of pastors were so surprised and excited at what people received from the Holy Spirit.  The group would take turns by going clockwise or counter-clockwise until everyone had a chance. Many experienced hearing from the Holy Spirit in a way they expected.

Not everyone is called to be a prophet, but everyone should be able to hear from the Holy Spirit.  Oftentimes, Christians have no idea how to hear from God and think that He speaks only in an audible voice.  Most of the time, however, the Holy Spirits just speaks into our spirit and we just know that we know.  Intuition and discernment are characteristics of a born-again spirit, but it often does not come naturally.  We have to speak out the intuition and/or discernment with boldness and faith.  The same is true with prophesying. 

After praising and worship in tongues, we would fall silent and I would go around asking individuals to speak whatever came up to them.  Some had visions and others had a word from God.  If no one responded after a few minutes, I would ask individuals to speak out a Bible scripture that came to mind.  Soon, others would join in.  The presence of God was strong.

We need to practice hearing from God.  Of course, God can speak in a loud voice whenever He wants, but He mostly speaks in a small, still voice directly into your spirit- sometimes a knowing and sometimes a thought that you just know did not come from you.  He speaks all the time, but we are not listening.  Sometimes He speaks for hours and sometimes it is just a feeling or a single word.   Sometimes, the cares and activities of the day make our spirit dull of hearing and we need to go to a quiet place to talk with God.  That's why our Lord Jesus would often go into the mountains or a quiet place. 

As we fast approach the end of this perilous age, the ability to hear directly from God will be crucial.  God can also speak to us through scriptures (that's one of the reasons we need to read the Bible all the time), sermons, lessons, from others, through visions and dreams, through circumstances.  A child of four or five can say something and you immediately know it’s from God.  A complete stranger can walk up to you and say something and you know that God sent him to give you a message.  There have been many times that God would just speak to me in an audible voice or an open vision while I am driving my car. 

Many Christians spend a lot of time praying and then say Amen and go to sleep or quit praying.  It is crucial that you wait upon the Lord.  Say, pray for fifteen minutes and wait to hear from Him for thirty minutes or more.  He will answer your prayers.  Sometimes, I ask Him a question and He says nothing for months.  Suddenly He says in my spirit, "Son, you know the question you asked me about ---, the answer is that **** and so forth.  These times are precious to us because it builds up our faith.  There are times when I spend thirty minutes talking with God and fellowshipping with the Lord.  When the vision and conversation with God is over, I may remember only a couple of minutes of the conversation.  Sometimes, God does not want you to remember what was said to you.  Don't ask me why; I don't know.

The Holy Spirit is your best, best friend and He loves you so much.  All day long, he is standing to one side and looking at you and just waiting for you to say, "Holy Spirit, let's talk!"  He is so happy when you take time out to talk with Him.  Talk to him in tongues or in your native language when you drive to work or pick up the kids.  Pray to Him when you're taking a shower.  The Lord has spoken to me many times while I'm taking a shower.  I love to sing in tongues while driving and would pretend that I singing along with my radio, snapping my fingers and making gestures. 

I recall reading one of Benny Hinn's books (I forget which one) in which he shares that one night at a friend's house for dinner he was resting in a bedroom.  His friend's wife knocked on his door and called out, "Mr. Hinn, dinner is served."  Brother Hinn jumped off the bed and when his hand touched the door knob, he heard a voice say, "That was wonderful; can't we fellowship ten more minutes?"  Mr. Himm jumped back on the bed and started praying again.  It was exciting for me because I had the exact same episode in my life.  I was praying on my bed as my wife cooked dinner.  After about thirty minutes, she knocked on my bedroom door and said, "Dinner is ready!"  I jumped out of bed and as soon as my hand touched the doorknob, I heard a voice say, "Son, can't we fellowship some more?"  I jumped back on the bed and started to pray in tongues and sing praises to Him.  The point is, God is waiting for you to fellowship with Him even more than you want to fellowship with Him..

We all need to develop a consistent prayer life and fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is waiting.  He is in love with you.  I remember when I was dating my wife, if even a single day went by when I didn't phone her and talk with her, both of us would be very upset.  She would stay awake until past midnight to hear my voice and would grab the phone on the first ring.  There was great disappointment the few times we missed each other.  The Holy Spirit is like that.  He is waiting for you to call and He is very disappointed when you forget or too tired to call Him to tell Him how much you need and love Him. 

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