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Many books have been written about depression and the spirit of depression and I cannot but give you some ideas.  Depression is sometimes linked to other spirits such as death, murder, unforgiveness, mourning, schizophrenia, etc.  Pray that God will give you discernment of spirits or reveal the true source of the depression. 

Years ago, while I was in the Philippines, a local pastor asked a group of pastors to pray for his sister, who was in a state of depression.  About fifteen pastors and Bible college students piled into two vans and went to his sister's house.  The sister was married with three children and had been in a state of depression for over three months.  She refused to leave her bedroom which was on the second floor and would not speak or take care of her family, get out of bed except to eat and do other essential things.  That night, they brought her downstairs and sat her on a chair at the bottom of the stairs.  She tried several times to jump up and run away, but was restrained.  One by one the pastors prayed for her but there were no apparent results.  I was sitting in the living room because I did not understand or speak Filipino.  Someone informed me that the depressed woman had missed her menstrual periods for three months, and according to Filipino belief, that means that she was going insane.  The family thought someone had done witchcraft spells, hexes or vexes on her and the family.

Finally, the pastors could do no more and asked me if I wanted to pray for the woman.  I walked over to where she was sitting and as I did so, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Abortion.”  I didn’t want to embarrass the family because the woman and family were Christians, so I asked, “Did she ever have a miscarriage?”  The husband answered, “No, she had an abortion.  Before we became Christians we were living together and she got pregnant, so we had an abortion.” 

“Was it a boy or girl? I inquired.  “We don’t know.”

The Holy Spirit said, “Boy” to me.  “It’s a boy.  Did you give him a name?”  “No.”

“Please give him a name.”  After a while, they agreed on “Daniel.”  (Actually, I’m using a different name so as not to embarrass anyone.)

I said, “Little boy, your Mom and Dad give you the name Daniel. You are a part of this family.  I know that you are living in your mother and you want to be born in this world and that is why you are sad and making mommy sad and depressed.  Mommy and Daddy are so sorry that they did not allow you to be born into this world.  They want you to forgive them for what they did.  Will you please forgive Mommy and Daddy?” 

The parents wept and asked forgiveness from Daniel.

“Daniel, Mommy and Daddy love you and acknowledge that you are part of their family with your other brothers and sister and you will be their son forever and ever.  But Jesus Christ loves you even more and wants you to come to Him where He will take care of you, and play with you and love you.  Jesus created you and He is your real father in heaven.  You will be very happy with Jesus and one day, Mommy and Daddy and all of your family will join you and Jesus in heaven where it is so wonderful.  You will never be apart.

“Daniel, I am going to ask Jesus to send angels to pick you up and take you to heaven right now. Angels will be like bright lights or people with wings.  Don’t be afraid,  Go with them. 

 I prayed to God that He would send as many angels as necessary to pick up Daniel and take Him to Jesus.  “Go now, just go with them to Jesus.  Don’t be afraid.”

 Almost immediately the woman stood up with a big smile on her face.  She hugged everybody in the house and danced around hugging and kissing people.  The depression had left.

I have done similar sessions with women who had abortions, miscarriages or still-born infants.  While giving a seminar on disembodied spirits, perhaps five or six women wouId run to the restroom with hands covering their mouth as their stomachs became nauseous.and they want to dry heave or vomit as ghosts and spirits start to flee.  I too thought that all babies go straight to heaven, but that is not always the case.  That may be the topic of another article one day.

Hope this helps.  Keep on going.  Never give up.

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