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God's Army


By Dr. Richard Ing


It was over twenty-five years ago when I had a vision of an army and heard a voice saying, “Son, I want you to teach My army!”  I was an elder in my local church and was given the task of being a teacher, especially in the area of deliverance.  I taught spiritual warfare every Wednesday night for years and did hundreds of deliverances.  In the late 1980’s I went overseas to teach in Fiji.  It was my first exposure to a foreign country teaching deliverance and I was not even a pastor yet.  Needless to say, I was very nervous.

The very first Sunday, I was asked to give the sermon in the morning service.  I thought that there was going to be one service and I gave my carefully prepared message at the 8 a.m. service.  We then retired to the office where we were given refreshments.  I was so surprised when we were informed that we had a 10 a.m. service also and I was the preacher.  I learned quickly how to teach spontaneously and God was with me.  Then after lunch, we had a service at 3 p.m. with the local Indian population.  After dinner, we went to a 6 p.m. service that lasted until 10:30 p.m.  I had to preach four times in one day and the last three was wholly off the cuff.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit gave me the words to say.

At the 10 a.m. service, a pastor excitedly asked to share.  He came up to the podium and said that he could see hundreds of white horses coming down from heaven and surrounding our building.  At the time, the church building had a dirt floor, wooden poles that formed a frame for a corrugated iron roof and people sat on wooden chairs and on the floor.  The children sat on a canvas on the dirt floor in front of the stage. 

Another woman came up to share that two weeks previous she had a vision of a  short Oriental man coming to Fiji to teach at the Bible college in Labasa.  The students were dressed in combat uniforms.  That man was me.  Another pastor shared that three weeks previous, he had a dream in which he heard noise outside his bedroom window.  He looked outside and saw a huge white horse calling him.  Still another pastor shared that he had a dream of a horse neighing outside his door.  When he opened the door, he saw a large white horse about a hundred feet down the road from his house.  The horse was calling him and motioning with his head for him to jump on his back.  Suddenly, there was a huge explosion of white light.  He woke up with a start.

I knew right away that God was confirming that He had sent me abroad to teach His army in Fiji.  I made six trips in a row to Fiji and angels would appear in my classes and services.  Sometimes, white horses appeared. 

Fiji is a very military culture.  Their greatest exports are foreign legion soldiers.  Almost every boy learns martial arts.  I was immersed in a military atmosphere.  We once had a dinner to congratulate around fifty young men and women for completing six months of hard labor for the Bible college.  The Bible college was supported by contracts to harvest sugar cane in the area and the people that worked for six months would qualify to enter the Bible college, with all expenses paid.  At the dinner, I was the head guest.  I was saluted and respected as the commander of the place.  When I entered the room, everyone stood at attention.  When I sat down, everyone sat down.  No one uttered a word.  The presiding pastor asked someone to open in prayer.  Later, he told me that he asked someone to pray because if he prayed, he knew that he would end up weeping in gratitude.  After the prayer, there was complete silence.  The pastor bent over and whispered in my ear, "You need to pick up your fork."  When I did, all the diners picked up their forks and began eating.

When we left the room, everyone stood at attention and clapped until we passed through the door. 

That’s how much they honored their leaders and observed a chain of command.  Submission and obedience were everywhere.  Whenever an instructor entered the premises, people immediately stood up and made way.

Today, there is a revival going on in Fiji and in the area surrounding Fiji. 

I have never seen or experienced any other church, Bible college or group of Christians with such discipline, order, love and obedience as what I observed in Fiji.  They were the closest I have ever seen of a quasi-military Christian organization that was not a cult.  Although submission and obedience was evident, it was not based on fear.  It was based on culture, respect and love.  There was no fear element and the students and members loved the leaders and vice versa.  The attitude of the Fijian saints was amazing.

Two of our couples stayed at the home of a member and her husband.  During their stay their hosts explained that they were so embarrassed because their pastor favored them every time visitors came because they were always chosen to be a host home, while many others were turned down.  Therefore, they received all the blessings.  Then our members learned that less than one month previous, the nine year old son of their host couple had drowned.  Yet, the mother and father had so much faith in God that they praised God that their son was in heaven.

Love reigned in their church.  Whenever someone was sick and could not take care of their children, women in the church would rally to their support and come over to cook, clean the house and take care of the children. A number of dead came back to life when the entire membership would come to the church to pray for someone who was declared dead at the hospital.  A number of times, the hospital called the next morning to say that the person had come back to life.

Once I taught at Fiji in Labasa and then flew to Nadi where the only International Airport is located.  I flew to Vanuatu, about an hour away by jet.  At the end of one week, our team flew back to Nadi so we could return to Hawaii.  At the Nadi airport, we met a group of about 35 graduate students and members of the Labasa church.  They were on their way to Guam, Saipan, Marshall Island and other places to serve as missionaries.  One couple dissolved their construction company to serve in the Marshall Islands.  They were in their fifties.  They lined up at the airport to greet and salute us.  It was as if God had arranged the meeting to let us see how the army of Fiji was a conquering army being sent into battle.   We had met up with the army of God on assignment.  As we approached them, they came to us one by one to greet us and say goodbye.  The feeling was electric.  I have no doubt that Fiji has an army of God.

We know that God is raising up an army for the end times.  It will not be like an army in the natural, but there are similarities.  The biggest difference is that armies in the natural are largely motivated by fear or self-promotion.  God’s army will be motivated by pure love for God. 

The army of God will come out of God’s true church, but will not be everyone in the church.  There will be three groups of true Christians in the end:  (1) the true church; (2) the man-child army; and (3) the martyrs.  There is a process of elimination going on  right now, as with Gideon’s army that started out with 32,000 men and ended up with only 300.  God is the One that will judge and choose.

The martyrs are the two groups of witnesses in Revelation 11.  All those that are killed will be witnesses or martyrs.  Many will die and go to glory but may not be martyrs.

The army of God will be few.  Revelation 14:1 indicates that there will be only 144,000.  At the mid-point of tribulation, they will be taken up to the throne of God to be with Jesus.  They will return with Jesus on white horses to destroy all evil on the face of the earth.  Rev. 19.



The true church is a group of saints that have not allowed strange fire to enter into the church.  Strange fire includes doctrines and practices not taught by the early apostles.  These saints will strive to maintain the purity of the faith as revealed by the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit.  More importantly, they strive to be led by the Holy Spirit into spiritual maturity.

The Church has an identity and life over and beyond its individual human members and even the sum total of its members and activities.  It has a government with Christ as its head.  Christ delegates His authority to human leaders, including apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  There is a definite chain of command that is in direct line with the Lord at the top.  Neither the church nor the kingdom of God operates as a democracy or anarchy. 


God’s government is the most misunderstood and disobeyed form of government in the world.  Mankind constantly strives to change God’s government to mimic man’s various forms of government.  Adam and Eve were the first to refuse to follow God’s rules of government.  Even today, the church and Christians everywhere misunderstand, refuse to apply God’s government and end up applying their own version of government to the church.

When God led the Israelites out of Egypt and established His government of judges, it was opposed by Israel.  Israel wanted a human leader they could disobey with relative impunity.  The people were afraid of God and did not want to be under God’s rules.  Therefore, God appointed Saul as the first king of Israel.  It wasn’t God’s best.  

Even churches that are highly successful in human terms today do not follow God’ true government.  However, the true government of God’s kingdom still exists.  For one thing, it exists in heaven.  It exists on earth in the Spirit, although we rarely follow it.  In order for us to become part of the true church of God, we need to understand His government and follow it as best we can.

God’s government is not a democracy.  We used to use the word oligarchy to describe His form of government, but it is not accurate.  An oligarchy is where the government and power are in the hands of a few elite.  The elite has power because of money, possessions or other thing that gives them superiority.  They have no regard for the common people.  The government is to benefit the elite class of rulers.

God’s government, on the other hand, is to bless everyone from the top to the bottom, from the highest to the least of the saints.  There are many opposites in the kingdom of heaven, as compared to governments of men.  For one thing, as Jesus said, the chief among us shall be the slave or servant of all.  The most powerful in the flesh shall be the least in the kingdom of God.  The proud shall be brought down.

In earthly kingdoms, the proud lord it over their subjects and their subjects are slaves and servants to the rulers.  But in the kingdom of heaven, the leaders are servants to all. 

Since none of us have been to heaven on a regular basis so that we can observe God government in action in heaven, we can know certain things about the nature of the government of heaven through the Bible.  For instance, we know that there are thrones in heaven.  These thrones are for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Around the throne are twenty-four elders and four beasts that worship God day and night.

God is a god of war.  The Bible calls him the Lord of Hosts over 262 times.  Host refers to army.   Likewise, the church on earth is an army with God as its leader.

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