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True Church or Cult?


By Dr. Richard Ing

December 1, 2011

In my travels around the world, I have found precious few churches that believe in and practice casting out of devils, speaking in tongues, healing the sick and raising the dead. In fact, I have found none. Yet, that was the character of the early church that Jesus Christ gave us. It was also the power given to all believers in Jesus Christ. Mk. 16:17-18.

Pastors have walked out of my seminars after standing up and practically calling me a heretic because I believe in casting out devils, healing the sick and speaking in tongues and do not believe that December 25 is the birthday of Jesus.

Therefore, it is very refreshing to find a book that believes in what we do. It is entitled The Jesus Cult and was written by Gary C. Price. I have taken the following passages from his book (summarizing and paraphrasing some areas):

Jesus said that during these times covetousness would infiltrate the whole environment and people would hold fast to their lives and forfeit eternal life. We see this in the church world through different denominational structures and in various precepts of men taught as doctrines of the Holy Spirit.

Many false teachers use the people’s greed to allow them to rob the people of their goods in order to stock pile their own warehouses and make themselves rich. False prophet actually means "false teacher." II Pet. 2:1-22. They cloak themselves as ambassadors sent from God. They live only for self-gratification, self-promotion, and self-glorification. Self, not the True and Living God is at the center of their universe.

Jesus spoke of blind leaders leading the blind both falling into a ditch. Instead of conforming to the will of God, man tries to religiously serve God without obedience to God by establishing institutions, organizations, denominations, buildings, cathedrals, domes, and other giant orifices to self - anything but complete surrender and obedience to the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Many preachers are spouting a Prosperity doctrine that has the people worked-up emotionally about getting more material things. The Prosperity doctrine is one of the most damnable heresies birthed out of the pit of the damned in the last 100 years.

Every established denominational structure leaves out portions of the Bible (i.e. the day of Pentecost and the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the gifts of the Spirit). Believing in this lie, man leaves out whatever is necessary so that God is not the central focus of worship. We now dictate to God, He does not dictate to us; because we have become our own gods.

While we sit in our dead little "bless me" rituals every week, the spirit of Satan marches onward unstopped and unchallenged in his trek towards total world domination.

Religious people are asleep and have no clue concerning the spiritual forces at work in our nation. This source of the blindness emanates from the blind, spiritually dead and self-serving hirelings standing in pulpits across the nation. The church world has been marching in circles for years, totally devoid of power.

The likelihood of any given individual actually being a born-again Christian is slim to none.

If you are saved, you have been chosen to be a soldier. 2 Ti. 2:3-4.

Know that although you have been ostracized and cast aside by the local church, you are not the one who is weird or strange. You are not the one who has lost your mind or sees life too narrowly. You are not the one who has gone astray. The church world, at large, has gone astray; and yet you have remained faithful.

You are looked upon as rebels against God; simply because you refuse to bow down to the religious system that has been set up.

God is planning one last sweep through the earth. He is going to raise up a remnant who will obey. In this hour, God is raising up a remnant church. The Church will return with mighty signs and wonders and gifts of the Holy Ghost: casting out devils; raising the dead; healing the sick; opening blind eyes and deaf ears. The demonstration of the Spirit and power will be given to bring a harvest; and then the end shall come.

He sends the spirit of Elijah again to call the Church to repentance, to turn us away from religion and into relationship with Him. God is prepared to initiate total warfare to being the annihilation of the enemy that has been against Him from the beginning of time. He is raising up an army to destroy the Jesus Cult.

The Church was born in a firestorm of power as God raised His Son to preeminence, glory, and majesty. The Book of Acts does not reveal the mind of man attempting to entertain people, but the power of God in complete action. Instead of power today, it has been replaced with entertainment, social programs, political discussions and religious debates. Denominationalized and institutionalized, the Church today stands DEAD.

Without the Holy Spirit there is no life. Man does not want to be told what to do by God. Therefore, they shut off the life of God so that they cannot hear God speak and chasten their ways. 2 Ti. 3:5. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Jesus says that the life-changing, miraculous power of God (dunamis) will be given to believers after the Holy Ghost has come upon them. Through the Holy Ghost, God has empowered those believers who are willing to lay down their lives as martyrs with dunamis in order to demonstrate the fact that they are sent by God.

Ro. 1:19. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness. They will continue to compromise the Word of God in order to build their own kingdoms. All that these ministers can offer are religious showmanship and emotional entertainment. The power of God is missing in the present-day representation of the New Testament Church.

Women who are sensual and full of lust will supply the finances, backbone and support for weak, inordinate, unspiritual men leading organized religion in a march against God.

Truth is not informational nor is it the transference of data. Truth is Jesus.

In the last days, extremely dangerous times would emerge, orchestrated by another gospel. Religion totally emaciates, decapitates, castrates, and frustrates the Body of Christ from progressing on to possess the land of promise that God gave us.

The present day church, as currently instituted, stands diametrically opposed to the Will and the Kingdom of God. This pseudo-church has been organized by the devil to replace the real church.

God is raising up an army of believers to march against His archenemy - Religion. The devil wants to replace the True and Living God with a false representation of God to captivate your senses and keep you bound to the flesh. In most churches - there is no spiritual life, just organizational rituals that have no bearing on the Gospel whatsoever. Religious folks have been playing church for centuries; only pretending to be worshipers of the True and Living God. - inundated by another Gospel. Man seeks to be glorified at the expense of God and His Word. The dead corpse called Adam became religious when Jesus was crucified.

Why did the Israelites create the golden calf? They sat down and rose up to play and amuse themselves around the golden calf. They knew the golden calf had no life and could not judge or lead them. As a dead image with no power, the golden calf allowed them to do what they wanted at the expense of what God would command.

Neh. 9:35-37. We have set up kings (preachers) over us for the same reason the Israelites wanted Saul to judge them instead of God. They wanted a king they could control, who was like them. They setup Saul over them when God wanted to personally interact with every person individually. Instead, they opted for a king, so they could be like other nations around them. They gave everything they had to an earthly king instead of to God.

The Gospel is one of power. You cannot have the real Gospel when there is no power and no Holy Spirit. You either receive all of the Holy Ghost or none of Him. (DAY OF PASSOVER - EAT ALL OF THE LAMB) You have to walk in the power of the Spirit in order to walk out your salvation.

Those preachers who have no power from God have not been called by God, but is a sorcerer ordained by the devil.

The people are caught up in the gymnastics of religion: their pastor’s personality, pastor appreciation dinners, church anniversaries, Tom Thumb weddings, youth ministries, picnics, etc. Churches use rap entertainers, rock and all kinds of soul music, (HULA), etc. to displace the Holy Ghost and bind the youth.

When you see a preacher talking about prosperity, that is sorcery. You are being bewitched based on the lusts of your own flesh.

Mk. 16:17. These signs shall follow them that believe - etc. You cannot cast out devils and not speak in tongues. You have to have the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost’s indwelling is evidenced by speaking in tongues.

Ac. 8:18-23. Simon - there was tangible evidence that the people had received the Holy Ghost. It was speaking in tongues.


We ministered in the Philippines about 18 months ago and the pastor of the church that invited us was a member of a large church organization. When the organization found that he had invited me to preach at his church and that he agreed that Christmas and Easter were not in the Bible, they tried to have him impeached as an officer of that group, but failed. However, he decided to leave the organization with the nine churches under him in order to seek truth. Another woman talked about casting out of devils, healing the sick and Christmas and was punished by her pastor. I did not find out what the punishment was.

It is amazing to find that all the "born-again" churches I ministered in the Philippines, Guam and other countries that profess to be Pentecostal in nature and that believe in the Holy Ghost, did not speak in tongues, cast out devils or heal the sick. Everywhere I go, I call people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and almost the entire congregation comes up. Only the pastors refuse in many churches. Pentecostalism was a movement in the early 1900's that re-introduced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and healing the sick. The present-day Pentecostal churches are nowhere close to the churches in the original movement. Pentecostalism is almost dead.

In some countries, we are resisted by pastors and denominations before we arrived and called heretics and members of a cult. Every day, we baptize in the Holy Spirit and heal the sick at our seminars. God heals everyone that comes up. Now, at least some Christians have experienced the power of God. The body of Christ is heavily deceived, as Jesus said in Matthew 24:24. I used to say that 95% of the body of Christ is deceived. Now I think it is a conservative figure.

Gary C. Price's book is an important confirmation because it is exactly what we believe in and we do not stand alone. We may be a remnant and seem to be alone, but God is raising up Christians here and there who seek truth. One day, we will be united. The Bible is clear that most Christians will fall in the end times, but there will be a remnant. We are not trying to boast about knowing truth, but merely trying to encourage the remnant.

God is calling His true church and army for the end times. We have not yet become that church and/or army and need to keep moving forward. God is with us.





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