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Satan's Attacks - Part II


By Dr. Richard Ing

October 5, 2011


Satan has attacked the Bible so that people no longer believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and is only a guideline that one can accept or reject. Without the Bible, the church is rudderless. He has blinded the church and made it weak and virtually useless and weak. The church, in general, doesn't even believe that Satan exists or that Christians can have demons. Lies and deceptions are everywhere, blinding Christians to the truth and reality of Satan's demonic kingdom. Scriptures such as "These signs shall follow them that believe: in My name shall they cast out devils ...." (Mk. 16:17) have been ignored or called obsolete and no longer in effect.


The devil has attacked the church relentlessly. The original church met in houses for over 312 years. God did away with large and ornate temples, an elite priesthood, rituals, Sabbaths, holy days and ceremonies. Col. 2:16. These things are a shadow of things to come; but the body if of Christ. Col. 2:17. Yet the church persists on going back to large church buildings with an elite priesthood and many holy days, ceremonies, rituals and programs. These were done away with because they were of the flesh. The spiritual realities and substance have come and the shadows and examples are done away with. Human priests and prophets no longer rule the temple or church. Christ lives in each true Christian and our body has become the temple of God. 1 Co. 3:16; 1 Co. 6:19; Eph. 2:20-22.

Ordinary Christians are made kings and priests unto God. Rev. 1:12; Rev. 5:10. Family units of father, mother and children met daily, not only on Sundays, to worship God and the Holy Spirit led each house group. Miracles abounded and the church was united. Ac. 5:12.

Today, the church has gone Hollywood, with rich and prosperous ministries that showcase their wealth to the world and promote a prosperity doctrine that is politically and socially correct. Congregations sit around pretending to absorb the weekly teachings emitted from pulpits around the world. The body of Christ are led by babes and women. Is. 3:4, 12.

Today, God is no longer in the church. Mankind and the flesh have taken over. The leading of the Holy Spirit has been eliminated in favor of an Order of Service, printed programs, bulletin boards, and programs for the youth, married couples, divorced and single parents, etc. All are led by men for the most part. They church is Laodicean to the core.


Not only has Satan attacked the reversed the structure of the church, he has succeeded in introducing new doctrines and practices not taught by the first apostles. Although the Bible speaks out against new doctrines and admonishes Christians to contend for the doctrines delivered to us by the first apostles (2 Co. 11:3-4; Gal. 1:8-9; Jude 3; 2 Th. 2:15), many new, modern and false doctrines and practices have crept into the church and are now considered the most important "Christian" events of the year. Christmas, Easter and Halloween are now the most popular Christian events of the year. None of them are in the Bible; nor were they celebrated for over 275 years after Jesus returned to heaven. They come out of the Babylonian religion.

Pre-tribulation Rapture, the fable of Lucifer being the devil's name, the lie that Satan was once an archangel, once saved - always saved, dispensationalism, manifest sons of God, and many other fabrications now take center stage. They are all lies.


If you're a wishy-washy, Laodicean Christian, Satan doesn't bother with you much. You're already defeated. But if you are a sincere, obedient saint, he is going to key in on you. One of his nefarious schemes is to bring division and discord in your personal life and in your relationships with other Christians. The devil knows that unity and agreement bring spiritual power. He knows that power is increased exponentially with every one that joins in agreement. Gen. 11:1-6; Deu. 32:30; Ps. 133; Mt. 18:19, 20.

The opposite of unity is division and discord. Satan especially targets deliverance ministries since they are the few that stand up and directly confront the kingdom of darkness. They are the only ones that bind up Satan's strong men and cast out devils. They are also the few Christians that lay hands on the sick to heal them.

Disobedience and rebellion run rampant in the church. Most Christian think that they are submissive and obedient, but never obey the pastor. They pick and choose, all the time expecting that their pastor is going to lead them into spiritual maturity and do wonderful works. But miracles need unity and agreement. Many a pastor is unable to function because his congregation gives only mild assent and lukewarm obedience to the pastor's commands. Many do not show up for mid-week meetings or intercessory prayer, but want to be blessed and fed strong meat. They expect the leaders to lead, but they want to follow at their own pace. Without unity, the church cannot move. They want Christianity according to their own desires. There is much subtle disagreement and lack of submission in the church. Christians called a man "Pastor" but have no intention of following or supporting the shepherd. Grumbling and complaining are common among members who seek recognition and are upset when they are forced to work for the membership and the members do not seem to appreciate them or add to their misery.

Worse, there is subtle pride and envy that shatters the unity of the body. It can be among church leaders too. Remember the story of Miriam and Aaron and their gossip and criticism of Moses for having married an Ethiopian? They said between themselves, "Hath the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? hath He not spoken also by us?" Nu. 12:1-2. It angered the Lord and He struck Miriam with leprosy. Aaron escaped by humbling himself and asking forgiveness. Miriam's leprosy affected the entire nation of Israel. They could not move for seven days, until Miriam's leprosy was healed. The church hasn't moved for centuries.


The stage is set, but there is one more thing Satan has to do. He has to wipe out you and me. Be aware of his attacks against you. He is sneaky and cunning beyond comprehension.


Satan will attack your mind. "(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." 2 Co. 10:4-5. That's the devil's first line of attack.

He will bring discouragement, condemnation, fear, guilt, rejection, rebellion, doubt, lack of faith, unbelief, lack of love, aught against the brethren, fatigue and whatever he can to sidetrack you and get you despondent and troubled. If you are experiencing any of the above, you are under attack!

The devil will work on your flesh and increase the lusts of your flesh, including pride, covetousness, striving for recognition, fame, riches, possessions, sex, clothes, food, shelter, luxuries, you name it. He will get you seeking the comfortable life of false security. That is why millions of Christians love the prosperity messages being presented by many popular leaders today. Remember, "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; . . . ." 2 Co. 11:14-15. Satan desires to capture your mind and soul.

Remember, one can assent to all the principles in the Bible, and still live according to the principles of the kingdom of darkness.




Satan attacks the physical body. When the body is sick, the mind (soul) is affected. That's why older people are grumpy. They experience physical pain and hurt almost every day. It affects their moods. Worse, the devil would like to kill you. It may take time, but he's working on it.

Almost all illnesses and diseases are of the devil. If your physical body is being attacked, fight back! Just this afternoon, I had a rapid heartbeat that wouldn't go away no matter how I relaxed and tried to reduce my stress. Finally, I got upset at the devil and bound up the spirit of rapid heart beat, cast it out and commanded the center in my brain that controls the rate of my heart beat, to be healed. My heart beat came to normal within three seconds! I realized that it was an attack from the devil.

Don't give up. Keep rebuking sickness and pain, bind up Satan's workers and command your body to be healed. It may take more than one or two times, maybe ten times. Keep praying!


Satan tries to create accidents and catastrophes that can harm or even kill you. He tried at least twice in the Philippines when Ptr. Mauro, my wife and I almost went over a cliff at midnight during a typhoon. We stopped the cab in complete darkness and with a flashlight, walked to the edge of a 70-foot drop. The bridge had fallen.

Another time, the car in front of us blew a tire and our driver hit his brakes and skidded all over the road, hitting the car in front. In back of us was a huge Partas bus skidding all over the road behind us. We were all traveling at least 50 miles an hour. Our van came to a complete stop after skidding for fifty feet, the brakes of the Partas bus screeched and the smell of rubber and a white cloud rose from the pavement as the bus came to a complete stop. The ladies in our van screamed and we lurched inside the van. All we heard was a "click" when the front of the bus touched the back of our van. When we got out of the van, shaking in our shoes, all we could see were two six-inch long, white lines about one-eighth of an inch wide, two feet apart, where the bus had hit our van and where the paint had come off. The white was the primer under the paint. There were no dents.

There were other close calls and probably many others where God protected us without our knowing it. Please pray Psalm 91 every day, several times a day. This prayer is absolutely vital to your well-being and that of your family and the church.


The Bible says that a marriage is like the relationship between Christ and the church. After laying the foundation for the relationship between husband and wife, the apostle Paul said, "This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church." Eph. 5:32.

The family relationship between and among husband, wife and offspring are clearly laid out in the Bible. Therefore, Satan attacks families and marriages. He has succeeded in destroying the Bible's definition of marriage between a man and woman and has substituted same-sex marriages, deceived society into viewing homosexuality as just a natural alternative lifestyle, and has made shacking up look better than marriage. Today, fifty percent of babies born in America are illegitimate. Over 37% of people in America living together as husband and wife are not actually married. They have children like any legitimate marriage. In Sweden, 61% of men and women living together with children are not married. In other European countries, it is about 45%. It is estimated that in another generation, marriage will be in the minority and two-thirds of births will be illegitimate.

Satan is going to attack your marriage and family too. He takes away the testimony of Christians by getting them to divorce. In fact, more Christians divorce than non-Christians.

Is your marriage on the rocks or struggling? Satan wants you divided. Unity brings power. You need to fight back. Obey the Bible.


Satan works hard to destroy your finances. If you are bogged down with worries about money and are forced to work two or more jobs, you won't have much time for God. Your children will be literally abandoned and sacrificed on the altars of the world. If your funds are insufficient, you are being attacked by the devil. Experience has shown me that God will always provide what you need if you obey Him. Years ago, I prayed that God would allow my wife to travel with me to foreign countries and that he would provide her airfare each trip. We have made over seventy trips together and each time God has provided my wife's airfare ahead of time. Even at this very moment, two neighbors who have no connection with our church, donated $1,500 and put "for Bea's airfare" at the bottom of their checks. Sometimes, outside groups such as the Fellowship of Christian Businessmen, donate my wife's airfare unexpectedly.

Fight back. Repent for lack of faith and other shortcomings, break curses and bind up spirits that are attacking your finances, command them to leave.

We're in a war! You're in a war!

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