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Satan's Attacks - Part I


Dr. Richard Ing

October 5, 2011

Satan wants to rule the world, control every human being, destroy the church and kill every Christian that does not want to renounce Jesus Christ. Rev. 13. He has meticulously set his evil snares all over the globe and is about to spring his trapdoor shut. It took him hundreds of years to make sure he doesn't miss a thing. He has planted strong men all over the world to bring his nefarious plans to fruition. Now he's ready.

Howard Pittman, a part-time police officer and pastor died on the operating table in the 1970's. An angel took his spirit out of his body for a few hours and escorted him into the spirit realm where he saw demonic powers and strong men working at the end of the age. Pittman identified Greed, War and Violence, Witchcraft and Sexual Immorality as ruler spirits at the end of the world. God did not allow him to recall what the fifth strong man was and Pittman called it the "Mystery Spirit." When Brother Pittman came back to life after seven hours on the operating table, he wrote several interesting books, including Placebo and An Eyewitness Account - Diary of an Exorcist. His books, written in the 1970's, have literally come to pass.


Worldwide greed has brought the world to its knees economically and at this very moment the entire world is at the edge of financial ruin and in the hands of the elite group promoting One World Government. Howard Pittman saw the oil industry as the main focus of Satan, with oil and fuel prices shooting sky-high and draining each nation's financial reserves. It has come to pass.

Greed has infiltrated governments, industries, Wall Street and society in general. Almost everyone wants the good life. But greed has created huge debts, government and otherwise, that cannot be paid and these debts are beginning to bankrupt huge banking and financial systems and nations all over the world.

This sets the stage for a takeover by a New World Order or Global Government that has been in the making for hundreds of years. The principal proponents of this New World Order have enough wealth to feed and care for the whole world by themselves. They control the world's finances, food supply, medical industry and governments and seek to control every facet of life and death for every individual the world over. Mankind has finally walked into the trap and the door is about to snap shut.


War and violence are sweeping the earth as nations rise up against nations. Rumors of war are rampant as Iran and North Korea continue to rattle their nuclear swords and nations threaten each other. World War III is being set up. There is violence and uprisings all over the world, as people revolt against governments and rulers kill their own people. The world is on the brink of unprecedented nuclear war. There are enough nuclear warheads in the world to destroy planet earth 40,000 times over.

Spirits of war, hatred, revenge, religious crusades, terrorism, violence and murderous ideologies are rampant. The spirit of Cain covers the earth.


Witchcraft has swept the world and is now the announced majority religion in places such as Germany, France and England and all over Europe. It is not the witchcraft that we commonly refer to as WICCA or even Satanism. It is the control over men's souls and the manipulation and mind control of the masses that witchcraft represents. The founding fathers of America fled to the new world to escape the tyranny of Europe where rich families and powerful kings and emperors suppressed, oppressed and controlled the lives of everyone under them. The Constitution of the United States sought to eliminate the ability of governments to dominate and control every aspect of life among the citizenry. Today, the Constitution has been abrogated, amended or ignored as Big Government seeks to control every aspect of the lives of Americans. Meanwhile, European countries have, over time, converted to a Social Democracy that allows governments to rule over every part of a person's life, from birth to death. Control and manipulation are the latent agenda of most politicians who are drunk with power and wealth and believe in Big Government that controls the lives of their citizens in every detail. It's witchcraft.

Mind controlling and addictive drugs flood the world and give rise to violence, murder and witchcraft. Ancient Babylon (Mesopotamia) invented cocaine and was known for its occult activities.


Sexual immorality has completely overwhelmed the world. In America, fifty percent of children born today are illegitimate. Recent census results show that 37% of couples (a man and a woman) living together are not married. It is predicted that within the next generation, shacking up will be predominant and marriage will begin to disappear. In Sweden, it is 61% and in the rest of Europe "shacking up" is somewhere around 50%. Marriage has been attacked and homosexuality embraced. Same-sex marriages are now being promoted and homosexuality touted as a natural alternative lifestyle. Fornication and adultery are widely practiced. Pornography is pouring into society like Niagra Falls. As in ancient Babylon, sexual immorality and female dominance have taken over as the new Babylon the Great rules the world.


Christianity is being attacked at every turn and has been weakened to a point where it will be mincemeat in Satan's grinder. The spirit of antichrist has taken over the church. A false Christianity has risen and will join with Islam to rule the world. It will give power to a one-world dictator or group of people. Rev. 13:4-8. This one-world dictator will war against the saints and overcome them. Rev. 13:7. The first domino is about to be toppled.

Already, popular Christian leaders such as Robert Schuller and Rick Warren are promoting Crislam, a combination of Christianity and Islam. The stage is being set for a takeover of religion by a combination of Roman Catholicism (The false Lamb or Christ in Rev. 13:11. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church calls himself "sweet Christ on earth.") and Islam (The religion that cuts off heads. Rev. 20:4). Every two years, the Pope travels to the Middle East to join Islam in religious ceremonies and to declare brotherhood.

Repentance, humility and sacrifice have no meaning in Christianity any more. The good life, blessings and prosperity are being foisted on the people as God's way and the people love it. Jer. 5:31. Christianity is in ruins already. The broad way has become much wider as multitudes are being swept down the path to destruction while just a very few are choosing the narrow path that leads to life.


The world is in complete darkness and is under the sway of the present prince of this world - the devil. However, there are tiny specks of light here and there. Satan cannot stand those specks of true worshippers of Jesus Christ. He is furious. If he cannot stop them, there will be a revival/harvest the world has never seen before. But he has plans to take care of that contingency too. He will snuff it out quickly through a widespread campaign of lies, innuendos and deceptions. 2 Th. 2:3. When the Pre-Tribulation Rapture fails to take place, more than half of the church will be disillusioned with Christianity, call Christianity a false religion and move to annihilate the church in anger and the spirit of revenge.

Satan has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams so far. His lies and deceptions have fooled almost all Christians into worshipping a Jesus different from the one in the Bible and accept doctrines that were not taught by the first apostles. 2 Co. 11:3-4; Gal. 1:8-9.

He has attacked the identity of Jesus and cults and false denominations in Christianity far outnumber true worshippers. The Jesus that many "Christians" worship bears no resemblance to the Jesus in the Bible. He is now blond and blue-eyed, tall and handsome. Some say that it was Judas Escariot who hung on the cross, or that Jesus was a homosexual, or had an affair with Mary Magdalene and a daughter named Sarah who went to France to establish a royal line after Jesus. Others claim that Jesus did not live a sinless life, or did not rise bodily from the dead. Still others claim that Jesus' mother is the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mother of God (Called an evil spirit and Babylonian goddess in Jer. 44:17-19; and the Virgin in Isaiah 47:1). It's a different Jesus from the one in the Bible.

One of the reasons that God decreed that we not make statues or the likeness of anything in heaven, or earth or under the earth is because it is different from the actual being, whether of Jesus, the apostles or anyone else. If it is not the real thing, then it is false.

Mormonism and an entire religion called Islam was founded by angels from heaven. Joseph Smith was visited by the angel Moroni, who gave Smith a new doctrine and the Book of Mormons. Mohammed was visited by "Gabriel," who claimed that Jesus had failed to accomplish his mission and Mohammed was chosen to finish the job. Yet, the Bible says not to accept new doctrines from anyone, even an angel from heaven. Gal. 1:8.

Next: Satan's Attacks - Part Two. How Satan attacks you!


Satan has attacked the Bible so that people no longer believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and is only a guideline that one can accept or reject. Without the Bible, the church is rudderless. He has blinded the Church and made it virtually useless and weak. The Church doesn't even believe that Satan exists or that Christians can have demons. Lies and deceptions are everywhere.

The devil has attacked the church relentlessly. The original church met in houses for over 312 years. God did away with large and ornate temples, an elite priesthood, rituals and ceremonies. Ordinary Christians were made kings and priests unto God. Family units of father, mother and children met daily to worship God and the Holy Spirit led each house group.

Today, the church has gone back to large temples and church buildings, an elite priesthood that lords it over the people, rich and prosperous ministries that showcase their wealth to the world and promote a prosperity doctrine that is politically and socially correct. God is no longer in the church. Mankind and the flesh have taken over.

Christians are in for a big surprise.


The stage is set, but there is one more thing Satan has to do. He has to wipe out you and me. Be aware of his attacks against you. He is sneaky and cunning beyond comprehension.


Satan will attack your mind. "(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." 2 Co. 10:4-5.

He will bring discouragement, condemnation, fear, guilt, rejection, rebellion, doubt, lack of faith, unbelief, lack of love, and whatever he can to sidetrack you and get you despondent and troubled.

The devil will work on your flesh and increase the lusts of your flesh, including pride, covetousness, striving for recognition, fame, riches, possessions, sex, clothes, food, shelter, luxuries, you name it. He will get you seeking the comfortable life of false security. That is why millions of Christians love the prosperity messages being presented by many popular leaders. Remember, "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; . . . ." 2 Co.l 11:14-15. If you are experiencing any of the above, you are under attack!


Satan attacks the physical body. When the body is sick, the mind is affected. That's why old people are grumpy. They experience physical pain and hurt almost every day. It affects their moods. Worse, the devil would like to kill you. It may take time, but he's working on it.

Almost all illnesses and diseases are of the devil. If your physical body is being attacked, fight back! Just this afternoon, I had a rapid heartbeat that wouldn't go away no matter how I relaxed and tried to reduce my stress. Finally, I got upset at the devil and bound up the demon of rapid heart beat, cast it out and commanded the center in my brain that controlled my heart beat, to be healed. My heart beat came to normal within three seconds! I realized that it was an attack from the devil.

Don't give up. Keep rebuking sickness, bind up Satan's workers and command your body to be healed. It may take more than one or two times. Keep praying!


Satan tries to create accidents and catastrophes that can harm or even kill you. He tried at least twice in the Philippines when Ptr. Mauro, my wife and I almost went over a cliff during a typhoon. We stopped the cab in complete darkness and with a flashlight, walked to the edge of a 70-foot drop. The bridge had fallen.

Another time, the car in front of us blew a tire and our driver hit his brakes and skidded all over the road, hitting the car in front. In back of us was a huge Partas bus skidding all over the road behind us. We were all traveling at least 50 miles an hour. Our van came to a complete stop and the brakes of the Partas bus screeched and the smell of rubber and a white cloud The bus came to a complete stop and all we heard was a "click" where the front of the bus just touched the back of our van. When we got out of the van, shaking in our shoes, all we could see were two six-inch long, white lines about one-eighth of an inch wide, about two feet apart, where the bus had hit our van and where the paint had come off. The white was the primer under the paint. There were no dents.

There were other close calls and probably many others where God protected us without our knowing it.

Please pray Psalm 91 every day, several times a day. This prayer is absolutely vital to your well-being and that of your family and the church.


The Bible says that a marriage is like the relationship between Christ and the church. After laying the foundation for the relationship between husband wife, the apostle Paul said, "This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church." Eph. 5:32.

Therefore, Satan attacks families and marriages. He has succeeded in destroying the Bible's definition of marriage between a man and woman and has substituted same-sex marriages, deceived society into viewing homosexuality as just an alternative lifestyle that is natural as breathing air, and has made shacking up look better than marriage. Today, fifty percent of babies born in America are illegitimate. Over 37% of people in America living together as husband and wife are not actually married. They have children like any legitimate marriage. In Sweden, 61% of men and women living together with children are not married.

Satan is going to attack your marriage and family. He takes away the testimony of Christians by getting them to divorce. In fact, more Christians divorce than non-Christians.

Is your marriage on the rocks or struggling? Satan wants you divided. Unity brings power. You need to fight back.


Satan tries to destroy your finances. If you are bogged down with worries about money and are forced to work two jobs, you won't have much time for God. At the same time, God is Jehovah Jireh, our provider. If your funds are insufficient, you are being attacked by the devil. Experience has shown me that God will always provide what you need. Years ago, I prayed that God would allow my wife to travel with me to foreign countries and that he would provide her airfare each trip. We have made over seventy trips together and each time God has provided my wife's airfare ahead of time. Even at this very moment, two neighbors who have no connection with our church, donated $1,500 and put "for Bea's airfare" at the bottom of their checks. Sometimes, outside groups such as the Fellowship of Christian Businessmen, donate my wife's airfare unexpectedly.

Fight back. Repent for lack of faith and other shortcomings, break curses and bind up spirits that are attacking your finances, command them to leave.

We're in a war! You're in a war!

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